Friday, March 7, 2008

Who's dat HAIR??

So you're chillin watching u some CHANNEL O, more like watching "O-boma" on channel O and you see a gorgeous "head of hair" belonging to a gorgeous host, so who's da gurl? No ONE other than the gorgeous Nonhle Thema. At 26, Nonhle's career is hotter than ever, not only is she the host of Oboma but she has a new show on Channel O called "O-access" where she travels all over the U.S and Europe interviewing your favorite artist. Nonhle first started as a beauty pagent winner and has been working her way up. HairbyAzara loves beautiful african sistas that do their things and look good doing it, here are some pics of the gorgeous South African Music Presenter from her website .

On the Set of O-Access (Just love dat red hair)

E.V.E!!! I love her!! her swagger, her style, you really can't mess with this chic.

This is my Favorite!!! I just love it, the brown and the slight bit of honey blonde, the cute bangs, the perfect curls!!! PERFECTION!!!

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