Monday, March 31, 2008

FIRED! because of your HAIR STYLE????

Well I can’t believe the weekend is over! And yes indeed I did have a fabulous NOLLYWOOD filled weekend, caught up with my naija gist thanks to Linda Ikeji, Bella and Niyi, as well as other Naija Blogs and now I must face this work filled week, BOO!!!. On a random note, Congratulations again to the new MBGN Ms. Anambra!! I should have entered that contest. LOL,

Anyways I have my serious work hair on, and I have a BIG question for y’all.

I was just reading a magazine about Hair and the workplace and what is acceptable or not, and it got me thinking. Apparently the article talks about how certain hairstyles are not acceptable in Jand and Yankee workplaces, hairstyles such as Cornrows and sometimes Afros. Can you believe that??? I don’t even know where to start. I mean what if my religion and lifestyle require I wear Natural hair, does that mean I get fired? I mean isn’t one’s hairstyle a reflection of who they are and why should people judge and determine what’s right and wrong??Really? Anyways its not just oversees I remember trying to rock this curly hair thingy in Nigeria, and while I was getting it done in the salon the lady beside me said “ I guess ur not a Banker, because no boss will allow that”. First of all lady, no one asked you (lol, that was in my mind of course), but still, why does my hair style matter at work in Naija?

Anyways, incase you are in the same boat and are wondering what hair to do for your consecutive work (be it in business) I figure the girls from Apprentice Africa can serve as a point of reference.

Joyce's Short and Serious look. I love, tres ChIC!

Hannah's Braided elegance. Very versatile!

Bekeme's sassy BOB. Chin length and straight to the POINT!

Eunice's wavy, curly weave. I love a woman that can change her weave for any occasion.

Enjoy and BEST OF Lucks THIS WEEK!!

Pictures Courtesy of Apprentice Africa.


Bella Naija said...

I love your blog!!!
Fired for hairstyle ke?
I'm sorry but that is BS. I will even be very happy if I was fired for that so I could sue them and never work again!
Anyways, I just believe that the key to hair in the workplace or during an interview is to be neat.
If you have dreads - let them be neat
afro? neat and tidy

Hair Azara said...

AWWW THANKS BELLA!!! am trying to be da bella of anyways, I agree with you. am surprised no one has sued yet over being fired for their hair, but the whole thing is crazy!

Anonymous said...

only in naija can ur boss dictate ur hairstyle. Although most pple will tell u that cornrows are not acceptable in the workplace in the US, no boss will actually say they want to fire u bcos of it and leave themselves open to lawsuits. Pple just don't like to display things that are specific to a culture or race (this obviously does not apply to white pple) and so black women think chemically treating their hair will make them more accepted/approachable at work.

ERIKA said...

Fantastic blog. good job keep it up!!!!!!

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