Saturday, March 1, 2008

Who are you?

Anyways after boring a lot of people with my talk about hair I decided to start my own blog, maybe offering advice or getting advice and tips. Well I also know that am not the only woman obsssessed with hair, infact I believe all naija women are but correct me if I am wrong.

So to help diagnose if you are or not here are some tips.

You know you need to “Expand ur Hair-izon” if:

1) You have done everything from go natural, done weaves (all kinds, sewn in, glue, fusion, net, whatever they have out there), done braids, and shaved it all. If you have done everything your hair can take and lost some hair along the process.

2) You have a closet full of hair, an extensive collection that one might actually think you run your own hair market.

3) You have reused a weave one 2 many times.

4) You have gotten in a fight with your Hair stylist, a couple of times, because of “creative differences”.

5) As well as your hair collection, you have all kinds of hats for those “bad hair days”

6) I can say “kokolet”, “wrap”, “pineapple”, “corn field” and u know am talking about hair styles.
you have a strong relationship with ur hair dat no one seems to understand

7) Sometimes you can’t watch nollywood movies because you heart can’t take the rapid “tacky” wig changes (who is ur hair stylist?).

8) You thought that the Lace Wig was a gift from God, before you realized it made you look like a transvestite.

9) You and ur mom have committed the crime of wearing matching color #33 micro braids (same style), one Christmas or a series of Christmases.

10) You have attempted the “Beyonce” or thought about or actually believed that color #27 was talking to you.

11) when I say color #1, 1B, 2, 4, 1B/27, you know what am talking about and you know what they look like.

12) When you meet a Man, the first thing you think about is how ur kids hair will turn out, whether that hair line is just due to job stress or whether your daughter or son will be cursed with it. And whether that "ogo" means that ur baby girl can't ever rock cornrows.

This things come before worrying about what he does for a living and what his religion is.

13) If you agreed with more or all of these postings.

So congratulations!!! U are obsessed with ur hair!!



I have recently reentered the world of black/afro hair, so it is nice to discover your blog. I am yet to open my hair journal to the public, but the minute I do, I'll surely let you know so you can share some tips and advise.

Take care!


Omosewa said...

Lovely blog, just read all your posts and landed here, lol.

Im obsessed with my hair, i went natural too and ive noticed growth, im happy about that.

I'll look into carols daughter products, ive heard quite a bit about them.

Keep up the good work.

Fantasy said...

I have just discovered your blog too and decided to start reading it from the beginning! I like all the different pictures that you have on your blog too!

I usually try to wear my hair permed! It lasts me a few months and makes my hair more maneable! Plus I do it myself at home!

I have done the "geri" curl thing some years back - LOL!

I'm kind of curious though about the "weave" thing and was thinking about trying it out! I'm not too much into braids because I like the softer styles of my hair being relaxed.

I do wear hats though a lot of the time-LOL!