Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HAIR ENVY!!!!!! arrrrgggghhhh!!!!

Hey bloggers how is it going? so anyways yesterday I did something I have been dreading to do and that was going to the hair salon. Now you might ask why a hair enthusiast like myself would hate goin to the Hair salon, well that is because I am afraid of people judging me because of my shitty hair.
well....my hair is not that bad, its just that, I cut it myself (big mistake, but that was the only way I could comb it) so I have this un-even hair. And also Hair salons in Nigeria, is not the same with those in America for several reasons:
1. You will run into someone u know that u really don't want to talk to but they want to talk to u.
2. Everyone in the salon has opinion about the hair-style ur doing ( last time a woman at the salon told me not to do this curly hairstyle because I would be fired from my job, like she knew were I worked)
3. When u have shitty hair like I did that day ur stylists lets u know..."Madam u no get hair for front" like I didn't know I was baldin by the side...or my all time favorite, "madam this hair (as she points at ur hair) is not relaxed, it won't look fine". That brings me to another point, when did Natural hair become the ANTITHESIS of naija hair stylist...(stylist not braiders).

Anyways, as u can see I have my reasons to justify my hate for Hair salons. But as my favorite hair lady decided to have a life, I was left with no choice but to go to the salon and get my month old braids out..(remember they're like $15).

Anyways as I walked in and made my way through the eyes that were checkin out everything I had on from head to toe, my heart was beating because I would soon remove my wig and everyone will see what I had underneath. But luckily for me that day, I had to wait for a while so no one was lookin as I quickly pulled the wig off and painfully brushed out my fro.

But I was shocked to see how healthy and strong EVERY WOMAN's hair (at that salon dat day) was, I mean I was expectin to see some real freaky hair show, u know really bad unhealthy hair that u see at some salons, but no. Everyone had hair coming out from their "forehead" to their "back" I mean, don't these people braid their hair? doesn't it CUT? where are the reciding or invisbile hair-line? am I the only person with shitty hair thanks to yrs of CONSTANT WEAVE, BRAIDS, RELAXERS!!!

is it in the food? the weather? WHAT? what are some nigerian women putting on their hair to make it HEALTHY AND STRONG!!! please tell me my heart is breaking of HAIR ENVY!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

$15 braids. $30 weaves

I know those prices are ridiculous for braids and weaves but not in Nigeria. One of my favorite things about being back home is how CHEAP and AFFORDABLE it is to do your hair, that is why most women change their hair-styles TWICE a month on average.
In my earlier "post" I talked about getting my hair done in the "tree-braid" or "fish-bone (nigeria)" style. The style is basically a mix of corn-row, and crotchet braiding, but instead of puttin the extensions in, like u would with crotchet, u just braid it in. So let's get to the fun part,
Cost of hair extensions (synthetic):

550 Naira = (roughly) $5.50

Cost of getting hair braided:

2000 Naira = (roughly) $20

all together= (roughly) $25.50 for BRAIDS (price can be cheaper depending on who u find, but always remember to tip well :) that would cost me $100 or + by my professional hair stylist (and mind u she's my homegurl..lol)

so yes, am quite HAPPY to be HOME :) now if only I can find something positive to say about the Lagos Traffic.

Newest Obssession: BOHO braids.

Def. a way to SPRUCE up ur Hairstyle.
How to: Simply corn-row, or if u cannot corn-row, braid a single strand of hair in front and pin it along the sides of ur hair.

HOT MESS of the DAY: Fantasia
Honey, if ur hair color can be found in a crayola box, then it's got to GO!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hey bloggers, it's been a while I know... I understand, boy do I have alot to blog about. but most importantly I just want to send out this message about a WIG party about to go down next weekend in Lagos. If you're in NAIJA def. come out and see

(Courtesy of Bobby Taylor PR)

HAIR BEAUTIFUL: Introduces Lagos’ First International Wig PartyEver wanted hair like Mary J. Blige, Beyonce Knowles, Tyra Banks and the whole lot of them?Attend Hair Beautiful's Lace Front Wig Party on October 5th and you will learn the secrets to the art of the Lace Front Wig.Hair Beautiful is an international hair company owned by Ireti Dada. Hair Beautiful will be launching its first ever Wig Party in Lagos Nigeria on the 5th of October at Eko Hotel & Suites in Victoria Island from 12 noon – 8pm.The wig party will be the first of its kind in Lagos, giving women the opportunity to learn more about Lace Front Units, purchase units, ask questions and socialize.Lace Front Units: are hair extensions that create the illusion that hair is growing out of ones scalp and therefore is one of the most naturally looking extensions on the market.In the words of Ireti Dada “come to our wig party and learn all about it, you probably would never wear a weave again.”Come and experience quality hair, Remy Human Hair, Brazilian Hair, Malaysian Hair and more.There will be a varied selection of Lace Units, accessories and Hand Tied Wefts to purchase. For those of you ready to look fabulous for the week ahead, come ready to have your lace units installed in a private suite.Hair Beautiful believes that you too can have Beautiful Hair…See you there and be sure to bring a friend!!!!!For more information on this event please email hair.beautiful.company@gmail.comOr phone 08067983216

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hi bloggers sorry it's been long!! things are great here in Nigeria just I can't stand this RAIN!! anyways I see some of you know about the "ubiquotous"(spelling?) hairstyle I am talking about, and yes it is that "RIHANNA" do, I used to like the hair, but now that I see every woman and child with it, I hate it.

Speaking of EXPIRED HAIR-do's, I understand that this summer has been one of short hair-styles but some of the pictures of the female below show that there is such a thing as "too much" of a good thing!!

Anyways below are pictures of Hair do's that are "too late" in terms of the timing of the do, and too short in terms of Length.

1. Victoria Beckham:
-She probably was the one that "popularized" the BOB, from her days as a Spice Girl with that classic BOB, to now "overdone" BOB with long bangs that she used to have. But this one PIXIE-DO, well..I am not a big FAN of. It might just be my personal taste, but this hair looks like a BAD Beverly Johnson human hair wig. I just don't Like!

2) Natasha BeddingField:
- What more can I say? this Hair-cut makes her look like she is questioning her sexuality, or getting over a heartbreak. Too DRASTIC looking and just not nice!

3) Rihanna and Mary-J Blige
- Well good ole Ri-Ri, I have you to thank for the latest hair craze, but this thing ur sporting looks like a style-steal from "There is something about Mary" ....hmm..
-Speaking of Mary, I am so sick and tired of this hair of yours! please do something ELSE!!!

- I know it's a WIG, infact I am happy that it is a WIG. Now we are all know that you were not supposed to have Short Hair!! So next time you wear your "mammy-water" weaves I will smile because short hair is just not YOU!! (do you see her strong masculine neck?)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What is your signature Look?

(Courtesy of SensualfemaleBlogspot)

Hey Bloggers how are you? Things are great, am adjusting to Life in Nigeria quite well. Finally fixed my internet so I should not be having a problem with it anytime soon.


I am doing my hair this Weekend and I am uber-excited, however I have a dilemma. For the past months I have been in the states I have be going on and off with Weaves and my real hair, and have become so attached to it, but now the heat and humidity in LAGOS is making it very uncomfortable for me to have hair anywhere close to my face.

I actually have broken out in rashes on my face because of all the strands of hair in my face that has been accomodating heat. I don’t know how the girls in my gossip magazines do it, with their 20 inch weaves and what not, but this is so Unbearable!!!

So my next option now is braids, but I have not braided my hair since..em…while…like forever!! Or wait am lying, I did micro braids last time I went to D.C and it completely cut all of my front hairline…..so much so that after takin out my braids (mind you I was crying as I was doing this) I SWORE OFF those suckers for life.

But now as I am looking around at the sexy cornrows, and “bob-marleys”, as well as the packets of “amina” in my mom’s room, I am craving the thought of putting my bum to sleep while sitting for 8hrs for some nice braids.

Infact, I think that’s what I’ll do because maintaining this weave is becoming unbearable!!

However I am reluctant (not just because I am afraid that it will cut my hair) but because I have been working at developing and defining my signature look and hair-do. I envy those girls that have had bangs forever and continue will continue to wear them because that's their signature look, I have pratically done every hair I can possibly do in search of this look, and now that I have found it (or thought I did in the forms of 16inch, color 4/30 wavy locks) I have to let it go because I can't handle it with this change of climate. Anyways I guess I just have to find my signature style in braids then.

So I guess that’s it, good bye to my signature “superstar” weave, and Hello BRAIDS!! I am soo excited, I can't wait, As soon as I get them done, I’ll post pictures!!


Monday, September 1, 2008

Blogging from Nigeria

Hey Bloggers whats new? as my heading says am blogging from Nigeria, def. a new experience esp. with my slow internet and what not. Anyways nothing will stop me from doing what I love the most: talking about Hair. lol.


I am very excited about being back home. I feel like am finally at peace, ironically considering the chaos everywhere (currently in Lagos). I don't know what it is but whenever I am home, I feel so much at peace with everything!! and am always more focused about what am doing, it's crazy.

I am also excited about this because Nigeria is def. a place to be inspired to talk about hair. Well one thing I don't understand about hair-styles in Nigeria is this: Why is it that when a HAIRSTYLE is POPULAR, everyone is not ashamed to be rocking it? I know that sounds dumb, cuz I mean everyone wants to be rocking the latest thing, but no really. I have seen women with the same hairstyle, hair color and everything, I just don't get, I hate doing the HAIR that everyone else is doing. It's so annoying. Like when I do braids, I have to do some funky colors, or when I do my weave my lengths have to be crzy. something diff. just so when am stuck in the elevator there is a high percentage that the lady beside me has a different hairstyle from mine. Its crazy, whenever a new style comes out, 80% of the female population will be sporting it!! remember the "hair Wrap" (u combed it upwards then folded it in on top) back in the '90's? that everyone was rocking from your mom, to your teachers, to your aunties to the ladies in "CHECKMATE" to the lady that was doing ur hair to basically everyone in the HAIR SALON!!!!lol..

anyways...be sure to checkout more..

take care :)