Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Azara LOVES: Kimberly Kimble

So I was going on one of my regular cheap cosmetics spending spree in Walgreens when I came upon a new line of hair products for "Women of color" by the name Kimble. I love the packaging and all and most importantly I like that it had everything I was looking for, from products for weaves to normal hair.

Everything about the packaging was very simply and clear. So being the researcher I am, I had to look up the man or woman behind this line. Lo and Behold it's Kimberly Kimble one of my fav. celeb hair-stylist. Often featured on Allure magazine and recently on Oprah, Kimble is the lady behind the hair-styles of some of your favorite celebs like Vanessa Williams, Beyonce Knowles, and Kerry Washington.

Below is Kimberly Kimble talking about her Product Line.

"My products were all about finding a way to style your hair without damaging it. I wanted my products to give results- healthy hair that looks and feels good and has incredible shine. My clients always loved the way their hair looked after they came out of my salon and I wanted a way that they could achieve the same shine at home".

Kimberly's tip on Black Hair:

" For Black hair, you definitely want to keep it moist, don’t let it get dry and brittle because that’s what causes breakage".

" Many women are afraid to cut their hair- don’t be. It’s much healthier to keep your hair cut- it looks fresher and keeps the hair healthier"

" Hair maintenance is the most important- the key is to get the right maintenance products. Black hair needs a little bit more attention than most to stay healthy, so make sure you’re sleeping on silk"

For more information on her and her Hair product Line, check out her website:

Celebrity Comments on Kimble's products (courtesy of

-Actress Taraji P. Henson has said "Kimble's Ginger Cream Conditioner smells so delicious you want to eat it."

-Garcelle Beauvais has said "I love Kimberly Kimble shampoo and conditioner. She's a hairstylist I've been working with forever. My favorites are her Peppermint (Cream) Shampoo and her Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner. I just love when you can smell your hair all day long

What the HELL was she thinkin?

As much as I am a Big fan of experiments, I hate CRIMPED hair!! and Tyra what is this CRAP??

HAIR CHANGE ALERT!: Do you LIke Michelle's MANE Move?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hair Drama, Hair trauma..

Some days I just HATE my hair, I just want to get clippers and shave all of it OFF!! I look at other people's hair and I wonder why their's behave so much better than mine. I am sooo SICK of this HAIR somedays!!!

anyways that was me last night, I have been trying to maintain my hair naturally since it has been breaking for a year now. So while I was taking off my weave, I noticed I could not comb my hair, it was sooo tangled that I had to chop the thing off!!! so am back at square one. But am not bothered, the most important thing for me is to have healthy, full hair, not necessarily long hair.

So anyways am trying to get my hair all healthy again, one of the things I learned is that hair grease like the one below, is not good for conditioning hair, especially if you are trying to nourish your hair, rather it is best to use natural oil.

If you check out my previous post, you will see when I blogged about Jojoba oil as a hair conditioner. Also while surfing the net to find helpful hints, I came across this youtube video of an oil based hair recipe for conditioning hair, I've not yet tried it but I want to get comments from those that have on whether this works.

In the past I've normally used olive oil and that worked well too.


One of my favorite shampoos especially for those that have hair like mine which is very weak and brittle, is DOO GRO's MEGA THICK anti-thinning shampoo.

According to the website:,:

-DOO GRO®Mega Thick Anti-Thinning Shampoo Thickens and strengthens.

-Helps repair weak and damaged hair.

-Moisturizes and cleanses with Shea Butter, vitamins & botanical thickeners.

-Promotes thick, strong, growing hair.

I personally like it because my hair does feel stronger after shampooing.

Well for more tips and advice on maintaining natural hair, checkout my new fav. site:


For those of you that might have missed this (kinda old now), what do you think of the whole beyonce controversial. Here is the pic of the ad that was supposedly lightened by the products company.

What do you think? Is it a big deal? why or why not? The question is why is everyone on Beyonce's case, it's not like alot of these stars know what the companies are going to do with their pics after taking them. Anyways you tell me!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

What type of curls do I get?

Hey Bloggers, hope ur weekend is going great. Here are some tips to achieving the type of hair you desire.


-Want to STRAIGHTEN your natural tresses without relaxing it?

First start by using a light texturizer to soften hair. Shampoo hair with Moisturizing Hair Shampoo, then saturate hair with a HOT OIL TREATMENT to prevent breakage and aid in moisturizing. Cover hair with a plastic cap and sit under a dryer for 10mins (no more than). Afterwards, rinse hair and apply LEAVE-IN conditioner and HAIR CREAM. Blow dry hair and then using a FLAT IRON, carefully straighten hair to create a sleek chic look.

(Tip courtesy of HypeHair 2008)

-Often confused about what Weave curls to get when you go HAIR SHOPPING? below are some Celeb styles and the matching hair that goes with it.

a) ZIG-ZAG Waves



- What do you think of this hairstyle? would you rock it?

wHere do I eVEn begin with this? too much HAIR Ashanti, and just not NATURAL looking, I am almost sure this is a WIG.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stylists, Salons, and Products.

Hey bloggers how is the new week treating you? Hope all is going well for everyone. Please be sure to checkout my sister blog: for new updates on diet, health, style and many more.

General Info:
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Visiting Ghana and looking for a SALON?
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I have just become obssessed with these rollers, I wish I just bought it when the commercials first came out because it would have saved me LOTS OF TIME PREPPING BEFORE CLASS!!!

anyways these rollers are easy to put on, they stay on, you can sleep with them. I usually use them before I go to sleep, but in these pictures I put them on 5 hrs before I needed to roll my hair for the night. Hope u enjoy!

Curls vary depending on how you curl your hair. This product is best used right before you go to bed, so that way it eliminates the 30mins or so you use before you go to work!
Rollers can be bought at any WALGREENS or SALLY'S beauty SUPPLY for $9.99, no hair lotion or spray was used to maintain the stay of the curls in these photos.