Friday, March 28, 2008

Weave Terminology

Ever flip through a magazine or see a gurl with a new gorgeous do' and you don't know what it is or how to request it? well here are some new weave technique and hair Terminologies:


Fusion: a strand by strand technique where a special adhesive is attached to your hair at the roots. “Often used in caucausian hair extensions”.
This technique takes a long time, about 8 hours or more, and usually last a long time. Ranging for 4 to 6 months.
Cons: You must see a hair specialist to remove this, you can’t remove it by yourself because there are special removers for this; don’t attempt unless you want to cut your hair. Photo Courtesy of SalonsofAmerica.

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Lacing or Tree Braiding
- When hair is cornrowed and strands of hair is left out. In the end the natural hair is braided, and serves as the support for the weaved hair. Hair in the end, looks like invisible braids.

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Hair Weaving (bonding)

- This is when wefts of hair is bonded to the scalp. Apply thin layer of glue to the weft and then bond to scalp, be careful not to bond to hair. Weave is usually removed with the help of hair oil, hair sheen and glue remover. BE CAREFUL this technique usually cuts hair. Usually advisable for those of us that have healthy hair and are looking for a little bit of Volume.


We all know this one, brush your hair all up in a bun. Gel the sides or use beeswax and then clip the ponytail. Sometimes we don't have an available clip on ponytail and you have a weave so what do you do? you wrap the weave you have laying around and then secure it with a hair pin.

Quick Weave or Half Wigs

Courtesy of Tasha'sbeautySupplies.

My favorite, this is for my gurls out there that don’t have time to go to the hair stylist. Lets say u took off your braids or weave on Saturday, with the promise to have it done that day. But then your stylist calls you to tell you that her son is sick and needs to go to the hosipital, meaning you are screwed for that wedding or party you planned to attend. So what do you do? Wigs!!, especially half wigs because they look less fake. I love these wigs, and they have saved me from what were to be horrible hair situations in the past.
All you do is clip the front to your mid hair, and clip the back to your back hair and its not going anywhere, comb and style and you're done.

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Normal Weave

Courtesy of Tasha'sBeautySupplies.

you know this one, Hair is cornrowed and then weft of hair is sewn to the cornrows.

EZ WEFT weave by Janet Collection

Courtesy of Janet Collection

-this technique is alittle bit complicating for me, its basically like crotcheting, because you are pulling a piece of your hair into the small hair that is provided. Useful for those of us that are looking to add bits of highlights to the hair.
So NOW you know the TERMS, you can go out there and make the proper REQUEST!


Anonymous said...

i like this half wig o!!

Hair Azara said...

I am obsessed with HALF WIGS!!