Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stress-Free Spring Break!

SPRING BREAK IS AROUND THE CORNER!! YAY!!! there is nothing worse than worrying about your hair during what is supposed to be a week of relaxation.

Three years ago I went to Jamaica with my girls for spring break and made the big mistake of wearing my weave. Not only was it a hassle to keep styling it , my hair was damaged and ruined by the end of the trip (thanks to being pushed into the pool). By the end of the trip I had to wear a tacky scarve with the rest of my bathing suit and cute dresses(URGGGG!!!!I can't even look at the pictures). While I has having the dilemma with my hair, my girls were smart enough to wear braids! Men did I envy them. All they had to do was wake up every morning and decide wether to have their hair tied up or let loose. Anyways, this spring break I don't plan on making the same mistake. But if your skeptical about braids (like I was), here are some pictures and ideas of how to achieve these beautiful styles without wasting your time.

1. PICK and DROP (wats da yankee or jand name for this?)
This is my all time favorite because not only does it look great!, you also don't have to braid your hair completely. What I normally do is that I "pick and drop" 1/2 of my head and then I weave the back half. And it comes out looking like I braided my whole scalp. God knows I can't sit for the whole 8 or however many hours it takes. This way usually takes about 4hrs or less depending on how small I want my braids to be.

Courtesy of Janet Collection

There is no other stress free hair like the classic Cornrow. Permanently styled so all you have to do is oil your hair. This hair is especially helpful for those growing their hair natural.

(Courtesy of Essence Magazine)


When in doubt, just get yourself a container of beeswax (I hate using gel because it brings your hair, at least it did mine) and a JANET COLLECTION ponytail and call it a day!

(Courtesy of Janet Collection)


Coffie said...

Hey loving your blog!!..I lovee
' pick and drop' as you called it!I cant get enough of it,lol..Ive got it on right now with a brownish/blondish wavy weave, not feeling it cos im a choclate complexion..anyways before I get carried of, great work!!

Anonymous said...

"pick and drop"??? we call them shreds, but ive heard them be called micros, micro braids, but never pick and drop.