Saturday, March 22, 2008


Wow, it seems everywhere I look people are changing their hair colors, Lord knows I am a huge fan of HAIR COLOR CHANGE!!! I have done everything from jet black, deep wine red to BLONDE BLONDE!!! (will never do that again). I find it very therapeutic, it's such a "new beginning" feel u know? like after a bad breakup, or recent weightloss, summer time, winter, spring, or when u move to a new city. Anyways, How do you know when a particular color is good for you? Well am no expert but I know its about what matches your skin tone. There's nothing worse than seeing a beautiful gurl do the wrong hair color. I know from watching top model that very fair complexion should not do Deep dark black because it is too dramatic, and beautiful dark chocolates should not go for oyibo BLONDE either (xcept if you're trying to make a statement), so to help with the decision making I have some pictures of some Hair-meleons (hair chameleons) that might inspire you! remember see a hair professional if you're thinking about coloring your actual tresses!! (I usually just weave my color #27, #33, #1B and so, over my natural color #4).


I like this color; #27 with a hint of #30 and
her natural roots. Very sexy :) Not sure I like her with darker hair :(

Kelly Rowland

I love this natural #4 (or #1B) on her. I am a BIG fan of Highlights, but not really this crap! :(
it looks very cheap, esp. on a SINGER!


She's such a Hair-Meleon, but I think I'll stay with the black, very nice with her olive-y complexion.


I can't mention Hair-Meleon without talking about Lil'Kim, WOW where do I begin? I never really liked the dramatic #27 blondes on her, I think my all time favorite will be the middle one. A bit of #30 and #33. Love it!


I love her and I think that every single hair color she's done has worked for her. She knows how to pick the perfect colors to complement her beautiful complexion! Even this INTENSE deep wine red on the left!


Another Natural Hair-Meleon, I think she switches her style like every minute. She must have some strong and healthy tresses to go from this VERY BLONDE to JET BLACK, I can't decide which look I love on her the best, I'll probably say the Black one. I just love simple understated Elegance. What do you think?

Every Nigerian Woman I know is a Hair-Meleon, so I had to include one of my favorite actresses, Although I did not do her justice by posting this pic. on the right, but OMO just do your staple #4 with #27 highlights!

I think that we can all agree that that blonde move was the wrong move! I think she knows, nothing better than finding what works for her beautiful chocolate complexion, which is Color #4.

First of all, I HATE the OYIBO blonde on my left!! HATE HATE HATE, not only is it OYIBO blonde but it is OYIBO hair! the lace wig is so silky and nice, it looks like she got it off Pamela Anderson and attached it to her hair! No!!! But I do love the chestnut colored tress in the middle and the dark brown on the right! Please just stick to those.

HOPE I helped you in your Hair-Color decision making, find a girl here that you feel matches your skin tone and decide if any of the hair colors she's tried fits you or not.
So what HAIR COLOR is your ALL TIME FAVORITE? on you and on your favorite celeb?


Anonymous said...

lol girl you are too funny. I actually like keyshia cole with the blonde hair than black and lil' kim with the reddish hair. you gave an advice on how dark skinned peoples shouldnt do oyibo blonde hair and light skinned people not the really dark hair. but what about us olive skinned intermediates?? I want a new look. I have gotten so addicted to black hair because It looked SO good, that now I am kind of sick of it. any advice?

pink gloves said...

Funny blog. first time here.
Honestly i think fair skin pple can get away with dramatic colors such as blue black. It makes them look paler and more mysterious. If u aint white, please stay away from blonde abeg. and arent eyebrows supposed to be colored the same color as the hair?

Uzo said...

am conservative so i say play it safe..but keyshia's blond is hot, beyonce and the dark hair not liking...kelly's red highlights looks cheap...

Interesting really..