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hEY BLoggers, saw this on the front page of Yahoo, and figured it might help some of us ( with problems of hair loss.

This seems to be a popular topic, anyways I hope this article is insightful and still applicale even though it was written by an Oyibo Woman.

7 Reasons Women Lose Their Hair Posted Fri, Feb 15, 2008, 3:00 pm
- By Leslie Baumann, M.D

Let me make one thing clear: women, if you are experiencing hair loss, please know that you are not alone!

Women's hair can thin for a variety of reasons, and yet the topic is still far less openly discussed than male hair loss. In many cases, though, the causes are diagnosable and treatable, making it particularly important that women discuss hair loss with their doctors. First, let's consider some common factors that can cause and contribute to hair loss:

· Low iron levels: Iron deficiency, with or without anemia, can lead to hair loss. Do not simply start taking an iron supplement without having your iron checked by a physician because too much iron can also lead to health problems.

· Thyroid disorders: Both an overactive and an underactive thyroid can lead to hair loss.

· Low estrogen levels: Many women experience hair loss during and after menopause, when estrogen levels begin to drop. Other hormonal changes -- changes in oral contraceptive use, for example -- can also trigger hair loss.

· Post-pregnancy hormonal changes: Similarly, new moms may find that they're shedding a lot of hair in the first one to six months after delivery, when their estrogen levels return to normal. Actually, what seems like excessive hair loss is really hair's natural growth cycle regulating itself, as high hormone levels tend to keep women from losing normal amounts of hair during pregnancy.

· Telogen effluvium: This is the general term for sudden, temporary hair loss as a result of recent stress or surgery, which typically occurs around two months after the causative event or illness. (It may also be used to describe sudden hair loss as a result of other factors on this list, such as post-pregnancy hormonal changes.)

· Medications: Many medications may lead to hair loss. If this is a concern, talk to your doctor about potential alternatives

· High levels of vitamin A or selenium: There is rarely any reason to take more of these nutrients than you'd find in a good multivitamin.

Several recent studies of men have found that smoking also seems to increase hair loss. I don't know of any similar studies in women, but one thing is clear: Smoking is harmful for a multitude of reasons, whether or not increased hair loss is among them!

The best plan of action for anyone experiencing hair loss is to determine the underlying cause and eliminate it. And the best place to start is a routine physical exam with blood work. By simply drawing your blood, your physician can determine your ferritin (iron) levels, thyroid levels, and estrogen status - and that will already get you far in recognizing or ruling out many of these causes.

If your physician does not uncover a reversible cause for the hair loss, though, it may be the unavoidable result of genetics. But there are still products that can help stimulate re-growth:

· Rogaine (the trade name for the drug minoxidil), which is applied directly to the scalp, causes dilation of blood vessels and increased blood flow to the scalp. As a result, the hair follicle gets better nutrients and oxygen and the shrunken hair follicles become larger and hair grows thicker. Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should not use Rogaine.

· Propecia (the trade name for the drug finasteride) is sold in pill form and inhibits the conversion of testosterone (which women have in small amounts) to DHT (or dihydrotestosterone), a hormone that gradually shrinks hair follicles and causes them to have shorter growth cycles. Though only FDA-approved for male pattern hair loss, Propecia may also help patterned hair loss in women. (Pregnant women or women who are planning to become pregnant, however, should never take Propecia.) Studies evaluating the efficacy of Propecia in women have been contradictory so it does not work in all women.

Both of these treatments work only as long as you use them, though; once treatment is discontinued, hair will typically return to its pre-treatment thickness. Stay tuned to hear about a new light treatment in a comb that may improve hair loss.

Wishing you great hair!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Dr. Baumann is author of the best-selling book," The Skin Type Solution." To learn more about her revolutionary skin typing system, visit her Web site,

**Article courtesy of Yahoo and Dr. Baumann.

FIRED! because of your HAIR STYLE????

Well I can’t believe the weekend is over! And yes indeed I did have a fabulous NOLLYWOOD filled weekend, caught up with my naija gist thanks to Linda Ikeji, Bella and Niyi, as well as other Naija Blogs and now I must face this work filled week, BOO!!!. On a random note, Congratulations again to the new MBGN Ms. Anambra!! I should have entered that contest. LOL,

Anyways I have my serious work hair on, and I have a BIG question for y’all.

I was just reading a magazine about Hair and the workplace and what is acceptable or not, and it got me thinking. Apparently the article talks about how certain hairstyles are not acceptable in Jand and Yankee workplaces, hairstyles such as Cornrows and sometimes Afros. Can you believe that??? I don’t even know where to start. I mean what if my religion and lifestyle require I wear Natural hair, does that mean I get fired? I mean isn’t one’s hairstyle a reflection of who they are and why should people judge and determine what’s right and wrong??Really? Anyways its not just oversees I remember trying to rock this curly hair thingy in Nigeria, and while I was getting it done in the salon the lady beside me said “ I guess ur not a Banker, because no boss will allow that”. First of all lady, no one asked you (lol, that was in my mind of course), but still, why does my hair style matter at work in Naija?

Anyways, incase you are in the same boat and are wondering what hair to do for your consecutive work (be it in business) I figure the girls from Apprentice Africa can serve as a point of reference.

Joyce's Short and Serious look. I love, tres ChIC!

Hannah's Braided elegance. Very versatile!

Bekeme's sassy BOB. Chin length and straight to the POINT!

Eunice's wavy, curly weave. I love a woman that can change her weave for any occasion.

Enjoy and BEST OF Lucks THIS WEEK!!

Pictures Courtesy of Apprentice Africa.

Friday, March 28, 2008

My Nollywood FAB WEEKEND!! begins...NOW!

I don't know about you but I need a FAB WEEKEND THIS WEEKEND, so wat are my plans. I am going to take out my lil' braids I have, wash my hair, condition and let it BREATH!!! Then I am going to raid my wigs closet (believe me I have one lol) get a nice sassy wig I plan on using for any random "za lets go drinkin or something" and hang it. Clean my appt. curl on my bed and watch me some good ole' NAIJA MOVIES!!!

Everyone that knows me know that I am possibly the biggest Nigerian movie FAN!!! out there. I just can't enough of the drama and crazyness. I am so proud of how large the industry is becoming.
Anyways this weekend I plan on watching the movies I bought from my senegalese hair stylist!

But just incase you don't have any movieS and would like to watch some you can check them out on:

also do you know your Nollywood stars have their own websites now? check out my favs.
Omotola: (I love hers)

Hope you all have A FAB WEEKEND!!!

Weave Terminology

Ever flip through a magazine or see a gurl with a new gorgeous do' and you don't know what it is or how to request it? well here are some new weave technique and hair Terminologies:


Fusion: a strand by strand technique where a special adhesive is attached to your hair at the roots. “Often used in caucausian hair extensions”.
This technique takes a long time, about 8 hours or more, and usually last a long time. Ranging for 4 to 6 months.
Cons: You must see a hair specialist to remove this, you can’t remove it by yourself because there are special removers for this; don’t attempt unless you want to cut your hair. Photo Courtesy of SalonsofAmerica.

For my information check out


Lacing or Tree Braiding
- When hair is cornrowed and strands of hair is left out. In the end the natural hair is braided, and serves as the support for the weaved hair. Hair in the end, looks like invisible braids.

Photo Courtesy of

Hair Weaving (bonding)

- This is when wefts of hair is bonded to the scalp. Apply thin layer of glue to the weft and then bond to scalp, be careful not to bond to hair. Weave is usually removed with the help of hair oil, hair sheen and glue remover. BE CAREFUL this technique usually cuts hair. Usually advisable for those of us that have healthy hair and are looking for a little bit of Volume.


We all know this one, brush your hair all up in a bun. Gel the sides or use beeswax and then clip the ponytail. Sometimes we don't have an available clip on ponytail and you have a weave so what do you do? you wrap the weave you have laying around and then secure it with a hair pin.

Quick Weave or Half Wigs

Courtesy of Tasha'sbeautySupplies.

My favorite, this is for my gurls out there that don’t have time to go to the hair stylist. Lets say u took off your braids or weave on Saturday, with the promise to have it done that day. But then your stylist calls you to tell you that her son is sick and needs to go to the hosipital, meaning you are screwed for that wedding or party you planned to attend. So what do you do? Wigs!!, especially half wigs because they look less fake. I love these wigs, and they have saved me from what were to be horrible hair situations in the past.
All you do is clip the front to your mid hair, and clip the back to your back hair and its not going anywhere, comb and style and you're done.

Be on the look out for really stylish ones from HairbyAzara soon!

Normal Weave

Courtesy of Tasha'sBeautySupplies.

you know this one, Hair is cornrowed and then weft of hair is sewn to the cornrows.

EZ WEFT weave by Janet Collection

Courtesy of Janet Collection

-this technique is alittle bit complicating for me, its basically like crotcheting, because you are pulling a piece of your hair into the small hair that is provided. Useful for those of us that are looking to add bits of highlights to the hair.
So NOW you know the TERMS, you can go out there and make the proper REQUEST!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Wow, it seems everywhere I look people are changing their hair colors, Lord knows I am a huge fan of HAIR COLOR CHANGE!!! I have done everything from jet black, deep wine red to BLONDE BLONDE!!! (will never do that again). I find it very therapeutic, it's such a "new beginning" feel u know? like after a bad breakup, or recent weightloss, summer time, winter, spring, or when u move to a new city. Anyways, How do you know when a particular color is good for you? Well am no expert but I know its about what matches your skin tone. There's nothing worse than seeing a beautiful gurl do the wrong hair color. I know from watching top model that very fair complexion should not do Deep dark black because it is too dramatic, and beautiful dark chocolates should not go for oyibo BLONDE either (xcept if you're trying to make a statement), so to help with the decision making I have some pictures of some Hair-meleons (hair chameleons) that might inspire you! remember see a hair professional if you're thinking about coloring your actual tresses!! (I usually just weave my color #27, #33, #1B and so, over my natural color #4).


I like this color; #27 with a hint of #30 and
her natural roots. Very sexy :) Not sure I like her with darker hair :(

Kelly Rowland

I love this natural #4 (or #1B) on her. I am a BIG fan of Highlights, but not really this crap! :(
it looks very cheap, esp. on a SINGER!


She's such a Hair-Meleon, but I think I'll stay with the black, very nice with her olive-y complexion.


I can't mention Hair-Meleon without talking about Lil'Kim, WOW where do I begin? I never really liked the dramatic #27 blondes on her, I think my all time favorite will be the middle one. A bit of #30 and #33. Love it!


I love her and I think that every single hair color she's done has worked for her. She knows how to pick the perfect colors to complement her beautiful complexion! Even this INTENSE deep wine red on the left!


Another Natural Hair-Meleon, I think she switches her style like every minute. She must have some strong and healthy tresses to go from this VERY BLONDE to JET BLACK, I can't decide which look I love on her the best, I'll probably say the Black one. I just love simple understated Elegance. What do you think?

Every Nigerian Woman I know is a Hair-Meleon, so I had to include one of my favorite actresses, Although I did not do her justice by posting this pic. on the right, but OMO just do your staple #4 with #27 highlights!

I think that we can all agree that that blonde move was the wrong move! I think she knows, nothing better than finding what works for her beautiful chocolate complexion, which is Color #4.

First of all, I HATE the OYIBO blonde on my left!! HATE HATE HATE, not only is it OYIBO blonde but it is OYIBO hair! the lace wig is so silky and nice, it looks like she got it off Pamela Anderson and attached it to her hair! No!!! But I do love the chestnut colored tress in the middle and the dark brown on the right! Please just stick to those.

HOPE I helped you in your Hair-Color decision making, find a girl here that you feel matches your skin tone and decide if any of the hair colors she's tried fits you or not.
So what HAIR COLOR is your ALL TIME FAVORITE? on you and on your favorite celeb?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tout Naturel!! (all Natural)

So I have embarked on my second attempt to grow my hair au naturel, reason being that after much research I think that this will be the best way to get my hair to grow thicker and stronger. My first attempt at going au naturel began after watching the third season of "america's next top model" and seeing this gorgeous girl YAYA, watching the thickness of her natural hair underneath those braids convinced me that my hair too can do that. But after a year and a bucket full of tears from the many times I attempted to comb my hair, I went to my nearest pharmacy store and committed the ultimate no-no by RELAXING my OWN HAIR. So you might be wondering what makes me think that this time might be the last time? well I don't know how long I'll last on this journey of naturalness, I just know that my hair is asking me to let nature take her Anyways please I need some tips from all my natural sisters out there!!! help me please!!!!

Natural Hair grows faster than relaxed hair because there are less instances of breakage due to the absence of chemicals. Here are some important tips from Professionals regarding Hair Maintenance:

1. Shampoo regularly: This stops hair from being dry and brittle. Don't forget to shampoo and condition with proper products.

2. Always massage scalp because it encourages growth.

3. Always condition. THIS IS CRUCIAL because it repairs all damage done while shampooing, and it coats hair with moisture. Products that contain Aloe and Rosemary work well because they stimulate growth.

4. Don't forget to DEEP CONDITION and use PROTEIN treatments.

5. Natural hair is very delicate and needs lost of Moisture.

6. Protect hair when u sleep, always wrap with a silk scarf because it promotes luster that decreases split ends.

7.Trim ends regularly

8. See a stylist regularly, just you see a doctor and dentist, it is important to see a stylist to learn more about the health of your hair!

Here are some products that help in maintaining hair "Au Naturel"

For $12.50 This rosemary Mint Shampoo by Carol's daughter leaves your hair feeling tingly, which apparently stimulates growth. For more information on their products check out

Not exactly sure what indian hemp is ( I think it's a plant) but what i know is that I love this product, I have been using it for years! and it is wonderful. Not only does it smell great! and does it condition, this is perfect for natural hair because it helps hold the hair together, especially if you're tying your hair in a Bun! It is great for shine too!!

As you can see I am a big fan of MINT and tingling products! If you are also Dr. Miracle is amazing. So far all of his (or her) products are tingling and have this minty feel to it that makes your scalp feel rejuvenated!!. I have both the 2-in 1 shampoo and conditioner, as well as the temple and Nape balm. The temple and Nape grow balm is good for massaging the scalp to revitalize the growth of hair in the areas that are lacking. I have used both these products and I love them, they are fantastic!!

Anyways for more information on these products, check out their respective websites:, (all pictures courtesies of the websites).

Hopefully, if I am Lucky my hair will come out rich and full like Yaya's! Wish me LUCK!! lol.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Don't Call it a COMEBACK!

So word is that one of my favorite artist and hair-icons is making a comeback. After a lil hiatus from her last album "Aphrodisiac", my gurl Brandy is coming back and apparently working with Timberland, so you know the Album is going to be HOT!!!

In tribute for her new single "what have you done for me?" (good question) and new album, HairbyAzara will walk down memory lane with Brandy........

awww...I remember those braids, and how you burn the tips off so they have that sharp cut. Good times.
I don't know about you but I was betrayed when my girl left her signature Braids for weaves!! but being the hair fanatic I was, I loved her anyways. Come to think of it, how many western Celebs rock braids?

Brandy being the Hair-Icon she is,also spotted some Lace Wigs. I love this style simple and chic. So Natural!
It was only a matter of time before she came out with her own hair line, Pro-10, and I gotta say I love it! Feels like real Hair and it is Thick!
Gurl wat don't you look good in? I love this soft ringlets, so cute!

Whether it is : braids, weaves, wigs or her own hair, Brandy knows how to wear any hair fashion with style! just love this Gurl!!! she truly is a HAIR-ICON!!!