Friday, March 28, 2008

My Nollywood FAB WEEKEND!! begins...NOW!

I don't know about you but I need a FAB WEEKEND THIS WEEKEND, so wat are my plans. I am going to take out my lil' braids I have, wash my hair, condition and let it BREATH!!! Then I am going to raid my wigs closet (believe me I have one lol) get a nice sassy wig I plan on using for any random "za lets go drinkin or something" and hang it. Clean my appt. curl on my bed and watch me some good ole' NAIJA MOVIES!!!

Everyone that knows me know that I am possibly the biggest Nigerian movie FAN!!! out there. I just can't enough of the drama and crazyness. I am so proud of how large the industry is becoming.
Anyways this weekend I plan on watching the movies I bought from my senegalese hair stylist!

But just incase you don't have any movieS and would like to watch some you can check them out on:

also do you know your Nollywood stars have their own websites now? check out my favs.
Omotola: (I love hers)

Hope you all have A FAB WEEKEND!!!


afrofabchic said...

hey hair azara thanks for visiting my blog and showing me some love, it really isnt easy but its so much fun! I'm going to put a link from my blog to urs aight. laters.

Coffie said...

Great blog azara!!..check mine out!

Chi-Chi said...

I'm loving the content of your blog. It's very much unique and most importantly YOU! Keep up the fabulous job. :)

Anonymous said...

i am loving your blog!i love hair...unfortunately my hair is breaking!!my hair person told me to come for protein treatment every week...but the location is too far!!!can i just use any hair protein on it myself!and wat type brand of hair protein do u think i should use..or what can i do to my breaking hair?

Hair Azara said...

@afrofabchic, thanks, will be doing the same with ur blog.

@coffie, thanks am about to do that, I just love blog hopping!! lol.

@chi-chi, awww THANKS!! I really appreciate it, I hope I keep entertaining people with hair

@Pink-sating: Thanks! I actually blogged about the hair breaking thing, and will be reporting more on it. What I did for my hair was to stop braiding it tight, I didn't do anything to it for a whole summer, just oil treated it and wore wigs.
Luckily for me I GOT to go to nigeria and my stylist there just took care of it. but in the mean time. don't put alot of stress on braids, weaves and what not.

hope I helped, take care and thanks again for the comments.

Anonymous said...

tanks girl