Monday, March 3, 2008

MEN and HAIR!!!

I was recently reading the new Essence magazine (you know the one with Tyra on it, gotta love her!) and one of the questions was about what type of hair style black guys liked on their gurls. Well to my surprise, guess what the popular ones were:

1. Short hair because it exudes confidence
(courtesy of Essenc magazine)

2. Natural hair, because it was not bought or came in a plastic bag (whats wrong with that?).

(Courtesy of Essence Magazine)

3. Hair tied up in a bun. (my boyfriend’s favorite)

(Courtesy of Essence Magazine)
Interesting huh? But what I don’t understand is if guys love all this nice natural looking hair (I have nothing against them, I love them myself) then why do they go GA-GA for the beyonce’s, and tyra’s (lol am not obsessed). I mean I was at the club the other night and I saw my guy and his guy friends basically drool over this chick with crazy ass WEAVE!!! The thing was like down to hair waist, I swear, and here I was with my nice bun by my guy’s side, thinking “baby what about me now” (LOL). Anyways I beg to differ, but what I want to know though is if women were asked the same question what will they say?

Me? I know I love the "Meagan Good".
Long and Wavy with a bang by the side (but this one might be too long for me)

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AnyaPosh said...

hmm...that is strange. Because most men I've aske that question say they mostly like women with long hair. I guess there's a difference between what is likable in a practical way & what isn't (sexy). Personally I love the Meagan Good as well...long & wavy but i've got nappy tresses, so I gotta love those too! :D