Sunday, March 2, 2008

To WIG or not to WIG!

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What is this LACE FRONT WIG?

It seems like every where I look I see Lace wigs, at first I thought it was a celebrity thing but I went out last night with my girls and one of my friend’s coworker happened to be a Lace wig-er. At first look you think, damn gurl what ethnicity are you? But after a while, you just can’t stop staring because something looks funny about her hairline, u just can’t put ur finger on it. Why do they all have that ashy white hairline? Anyways being the Hair fanatic I am, I know am bound to try it. I heard it can last up to a month, and all you have to do is unglue, wash your hair, rebraid and glue again. The wig itself can be reused multiple times, for more information just look up lace wig, or you tube the application videos. Now am not sure if am willing to throw down $500. Anyways you be the judge.

I know Tyra is a huge Lace Wigger, remember that big hair thing she had going for a while, i.e her first season of the Tyra Banks show????


Lilian Michael said...

I also believe the hair is a woman's crowning glory. I really envy ladies with perfectly fixed hair extensions. I mean if I can get someone to fix my hair so I can have a similar hair look as that of Tyra or Beyonce, I would save up all I can to get that look (LOL). Do you have a salon in Manchester? I have not been satisfied with the way my hair extensions have been fixed since I have been in the UK. Have a lovely day.


great blog,very catchy title! mmh im not much of a hair person as my blog suggests clothes are more my forte so i will be great hitting up your blog for lots of info. I am not a fan of wigs but i do wear them here and there for the versatility they give you.I would definately like to try the lace front wig!

yankeenaijachick said...

Nice blog, welcome to blogworld.The lace wig thing is good but could be pretty wierd. Some chick said the thing spoilt her hair. I rather suggest going Natural and more braiding and kinky hair is good. less on relaxer and all that stuff.

Hair Azara said...

Thanks for the comments!

* as for Lilian Michael I will ask some friends of mine about a good salon in Manchester, I know your frustration, thats what even led me to know how to do my hair myself. LOL

* Am still in a debate with myself as whether to purchase the wigs or not, $500 is too much money to throw away and end up with potential hair loss or that "drag queen look" lol.

Thanks guys!