Thursday, June 26, 2008

AZARA's TOP LOOK at N.E.A & Questions?

As was mentioned on my previous post, the N.E.A. awards was amazing, and below are pictures of my favorite looks (Hair and ensemble) that evening.

*All pictures courtesy of, and

AZARA'S TOP 5 LOOKS from the N.E.A awards:

Kemi Adetiba


Tatiana of BBA

2) Oluchi

1) Ladybrille

Hey bloggers, I get questions about hair products, salons and extensions asked on the comments, and sometimes I don't answer them because I keep forgeting to check my comments. Please if you have any questions regarding hair care, products, or anything for that matter relating to hair, please send me an email at:


I check this email everyday and I will be sure to see your questions and get back at you.

Please don't be offended if I don't answer any of the questions on the comment board, I simply forget to check it.

Also remember I am NOT a stylist, I am just a lady OBSSESSED with all things relating to HAIR, but I'll do everything I can to answer your questions with all the resources I have around me.

Thanks :)

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Natures Gentle Touch said...


I love Oluchi's look as well.