Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Hair-Experiment: LACE FRONTALS

Hey Bloggers, the past week I decided to do something new to my hair dat I hadn't done, and that was to get a Weave with a Lace Frontal closing.

Now you might be confused as to the difference between Lace Wigs and Lace Frontals, well one is a Wig and the other is half a wig. The lace frontal is like half of a lace wig that is stitched to your weave and then "laced up" (glued) in the front.

Well, after I was done it looked great, but it's been less than a week and my glue has come undone. Also after brushing the hair in several ways to decide on a great parting, I found that I created a bald spot on my lace.

Regardless though I don't think this is a style I will keep for up to a month, it's nice when its done, its great when my hair is pulled in a bun (with all the baby hair slicked back) but knowing that some people know that my hair is a Lace (I might just be paranoid) makes me uncomfortable.

Anyways I will probably save this style again for a BIG day like my wedding day, but not day to day. I mean how do you go from having a normal hairline that people are used to, to one that is very close to your eyebrows (lol).

Here are some videos to help you understand what I am talking about.


a process similar:


uni said...

Very interesting piece... been wondering what lacing is all about... now i get it. I was trying to visualize your description while reading but thanks for the video.... it helped me understand it better....Yeah I's kinda weird to have a skinny a$$ hair-line all of a sudden....

Natasha said...

Yeah I was going to try that at some point down the road, I also thought around my wedding would be great. They cost a ton though... oh well

NigerianDramaQueen said...

let me not lie, did not know jack about lace frontals till I read this! Thanks for the education:-)

Lolu said...

Havent watched the video and am still imagining what it is all about, am going back to it tho.
Otherwise, rock your week and dnt worry about anyone knowing its a half-wig you got wont yank it off your go ahead and radiate your lovely 'hair' gurl!

Lolu said...

Funny the names these things have. I dint know it was called Lace Frontals. Thanks for the vid.