Wednesday, June 25, 2008

HOT HAIR-styles @ the B.E.T awards '08

Hey bloggers, don't know if any of you saw the Black Entertainment Television (B.E.T) awards yesterday night, for those of you that missed it, it was def. HOT!! I am not usually a fan of the network or the awards show itself, but boredom captured me. Anyways the RED CARPET this year was hotter than it was last year, there were def. some Fashion forward people, but I have to say in the end, my favorite was RIHANNA!!! she KILLED IT!! from the cute yellow dress to the sexy haircut, everything was working for me, even the dramatic makeup.

Well here is a round up of the hottest hairstyles I saw, you might disagree :)
From 10 to 1..











Honorable Mentions: The ladies of En Vogue. Still Sexy ladies!!

The "WHAT THE HELL" AWARDS goes to.....

Solange: Maybe she was in a hurry??
I normally like Gabrielle's Hair-do's but this one just does not work for me..makes her ears stick out..and didn't she get a HAIR-CUT??

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LoLu said...

I agree with your rankings gurl and RiRi is just HOT!! That gurl sabi wetin fit am O(sometimes sha), I am so tempted to go and cut my hair like that right!

@Solange: who knows? Beyonce no dey there? (lemme go check the

@Union: am surprised too O coz Essence showed she cut her hair some days back and she was looking good in that RiRi style she was featured in :S
This one leaves her head looking big sef, like she's put on some weight. that me?