Saturday, June 28, 2008



Hey bloggers watsup? Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend thus far. Mine was great up until I ran into a lady with horrible, HORRIBLE, HO-RR-I-BLE WEAVE!!!
I have nothing against weaves, I wear them quite proudly, but everyone once in while when I see someone with ridiculous weave I just want to pull their hair and return it to the Chinese store. I mean people really? I understand sometimes it’s hard to find people to do ur hair, but dat does not mean u should walk around looking like a fool. Damn!

Many women, dream of having long, thick and healthy hair flowing over their shoulders and down their back. Unfortunately, not all of us can grow hair that long and so for those of us that don’t and still want it, we buy it. But not all hair purchased is right for you. Experts say that "one of the big differences between great hair extensions and terrible extensions is based on the type of hair that is used and the individual skill of the extension expert", usually good extensions are made with 100% real human hair that is applied by a skilled extension expert to look just like real hair.

So What are the causes of bad Hair-WEAVES?

1. Good hair and bad hair-stylist. (i.e the hair-stylist braids thick cornrows that cause bump, or she skips to stitch a "row" and causes hair to be uneven)

2. Bad Hair but good Hair stylist. (i.e if your hair is not relaxed DO NOT get silky hair)

3. “Bumpy” hair closure on top or really thick hair-wefts that cause bumps all over.

4. When natural hair does not match the hair weave or when natural hair does not blend with hair weave

5. When particular hair style does not match person’s facial structure (em..Serena Williams)

6. When hair weave has too much hair products (oil, mousse, gel..etc) and tangles easily.

What can you do to avoid being caught with a BAD WEAVE?

First find a good HAIR STYLIST!!!

2) Pick hair that is close to your hair in texture, color, and thickness, if you don’t plan on leaving any of your hair out, then pick a color and texture that would compliment your face and skin color.

3)Start with good-quality human hair. However if you‘re price conscious (aren‘t we all) Good quality “already styled“ Synthetic hair is the way to go, just remember it melts if it's styled with a curling iron or a blow dryer.
4) Maintain hair with a detangling shampoo like KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner such as KeraCare Dry & Itchy Scalp Moisturizing Conditioner.
5) When it's time to remove your weave, seek out a professional to prevent damage to your natural hair. Also if your weave starts coming out, visit your stylist to get the weave tightened and to ensure your hair is growing properly.
6) Before you sleep, remember to cover hair with Satin or Silk Scarf.


LoLu said...

Its amazing how a weave can look like one's natural hair! i hope miracles like this can happen to me

Coffie said...

LMAO at Schatar's hair! I hate to admit but I miss Flava of Love for real!!!but you're right Azara, Yolanda's weave is always on point. Even her red colored weave suits her dark skin, which isnt always the case for some dark-skinned women!

Coffie said...

Forgot to add, Im adding you to my favorite list!Cool Blog!:-)

Anonymous said...

Great post!

sandy said...

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Invisiblebeauty Lovelydollface said...

Wow,the hair styles very beautiful! I am fascinate to the hair!