Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Breezy summer Braids.

Yesterday it hit me that it was summer! thanks to the wicked heat that attached my weave in the back to my neck...eww! anyways as I was trying to tie my hair into a ponytail, I started remembering the things I love about summer....SUMMER BRAIDS!! you know the sassy cornrows, or slick "pick-n-drop". If I was to assign hairstyles based on seasons I will say summers are for braids or short do-s, fall for weaves, and spring for both.

The good thing about doing braids in the summer is that:

1. you can work-out and not worry about how the sweat will stink up your hair
2. you can go swimming
3. styling your hair to go for Barbecues and parties is a breeze! (hmm...should I have my hair up down, or half up and half down?)
4. Styling time is reduced
5. it gives your hair a break from the constant heat and chemical torture.

So are you sold yet? lol.

If you are looking for styling inspirations, I hope these following styles courtesy of, can help with your hair decisions.

~ Enjoy xoxo

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Marin said...

Nice blog. Nice hairstyles, but what do you do if you have below the shoulder hair and want to rock any of these half loose braids without either cutting your hair or partly fixing a weave-on.Thats my dilema right now. Would be happy for any tips.

Hair Azara said...

Thanks. good question, have you heard of triple braids. I learned it from my senegalese and togolese braiders. what they do is, as they braid the single braids, they release little strands of hair, while finishing the rest of the single braid where your hair ends. I don't know if you got that but just ask your hair braider to do a "triple" or release some hair as they braid down.

Also you can do the tree braid, where as they cornrow ur hair, the release braids, so in the end its like you have single braids. for pictures and more info. look at my previous post.

Hope I helped!!

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Oooh im getting my hair braided on monday morning and needed ideas. Thank u!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for your response. I 'll ask my hairdresser about triple braids.


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