Sunday, June 15, 2008


This is dedicated to all of us that are sensitive to Hair Relaxers, looking for a little motivation on why you should ditch those little devils? well I hope the following video convinces you, and if you are not comfortable with going all natural, I have some sewn'in weave ideas that include all of your hair so you don't have to relax anymore. (coming soon..)



Uzo said...

Too cute....

aurora said...

awww, i luv the afro at 2.28. .thats just an inspiration!!!

Hair azara, can u help me please? I need advice on going in the 'transition process' , my hair hasnt been relaxed in like 4 getting some growths now. But am realy not sure what hair styles to stick to that would aid the process without damaging my hair.......Can I still have weaves(i know i cant have the super straight ones anymore which is cool)....but am a freak for afros(can I have an afro one or something?)......And when can I cut the relaxed bits finally? How much growth do I need to have? Are there some styles I should avoid? Sory for the bugging obviously clueless!!!!!

I would realy appreciate if u can help, thanks!

Hair Azara said...

lol at aurora, I know how you feel, I HAVE NOT RELAXED my hair since Jan. this year. so far what I do is braid my whole hair (loosely of course) and then weave over it. I will be bloggin more about this. It is also good to find a natural hair specialist that will help you moisturize and condition your real hair, also when placing ur hair in cornrows, please make sure it is not too tight!!

Lolu said...

awww...glad I found your blog. Now I know am not alone in the quest to keep my hair natural.

I've had mine cut and now growing it naturally(7 months old now and quite lengthy). My only problem is that I love braids and whenever I make them with the usual, my natural hair stands out after a couple of days making them braids look not so kewl.
Any help on what I can do about this? Or do I have to avoid the braids totally? :)

Hair Azara said...

@lolu Glad u asked that question, you are not the only one. There is a type of braiding style called triple braids, where the braider while braiding a single braid, releases little bits of hair until she's done braiding that single braid. I don't know if you understand what am saying but I will be sure to post videos if I find any.

Also Have you heard of tree braiding? it is when your hair is cornrowed with extensions and bits of extensions are released, in the end it looks like u have alot of individual braids. Also very cool, my mom does this alot.

But be sure to keep to be updated on when I post the videos.

Lolu said...

Howdy gurl? Hope you good.
Not too sure I know what you talking about there but I'l take the terms to the saloon and see what I'l
Am just so inspired by your vids right now that l can look utterly fab with my natural hair. God help
Looking forward to more from you.