Monday, September 1, 2008

Blogging from Nigeria

Hey Bloggers whats new? as my heading says am blogging from Nigeria, def. a new experience esp. with my slow internet and what not. Anyways nothing will stop me from doing what I love the most: talking about Hair. lol.


I am very excited about being back home. I feel like am finally at peace, ironically considering the chaos everywhere (currently in Lagos). I don't know what it is but whenever I am home, I feel so much at peace with everything!! and am always more focused about what am doing, it's crazy.

I am also excited about this because Nigeria is def. a place to be inspired to talk about hair. Well one thing I don't understand about hair-styles in Nigeria is this: Why is it that when a HAIRSTYLE is POPULAR, everyone is not ashamed to be rocking it? I know that sounds dumb, cuz I mean everyone wants to be rocking the latest thing, but no really. I have seen women with the same hairstyle, hair color and everything, I just don't get, I hate doing the HAIR that everyone else is doing. It's so annoying. Like when I do braids, I have to do some funky colors, or when I do my weave my lengths have to be crzy. something diff. just so when am stuck in the elevator there is a high percentage that the lady beside me has a different hairstyle from mine. Its crazy, whenever a new style comes out, 80% of the female population will be sporting it!! remember the "hair Wrap" (u combed it upwards then folded it in on top) back in the '90's? that everyone was rocking from your mom, to your teachers, to your aunties to the ladies in "CHECKMATE" to the lady that was doing ur hair to basically everyone in the HAIR SALON!!!!lol.. sure to checkout more..

take care :)


Anonymous said...

lol azara..Im guessing you r talking about the rihanna hair style..I agree with you when it comes to doing something completly different frm everyone..

Amina said...

lol at the haircomb!! In Senegal, it is the same..everyone has the same hair or same braids...unless you did it abroad!

Ore said...

I was going to ask what hairstyle you were referring to. Is it the Rihanna style? I've seen that on quite a few ladies.

I am in my own hair universe most of the time. LOL! I don't like to look the same as everyone else either.

LoLu said...

I feel you Azara! Most times, when i see the new hair style craze thing going on, I just go make my beloved least, its not too common.

And welcome to Nigeria! Came in a month ago for NYSC and Lawd, I was amazed at the rubbish chicks had on for hairstyles. Am still tryna get over

Anonymous said...

its not that serious why r u that infruriated by pple rocking d same hair!!na wa o

Anonymous said...

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