Thursday, September 4, 2008

What is your signature Look?

(Courtesy of SensualfemaleBlogspot)

Hey Bloggers how are you? Things are great, am adjusting to Life in Nigeria quite well. Finally fixed my internet so I should not be having a problem with it anytime soon.


I am doing my hair this Weekend and I am uber-excited, however I have a dilemma. For the past months I have been in the states I have be going on and off with Weaves and my real hair, and have become so attached to it, but now the heat and humidity in LAGOS is making it very uncomfortable for me to have hair anywhere close to my face.

I actually have broken out in rashes on my face because of all the strands of hair in my face that has been accomodating heat. I don’t know how the girls in my gossip magazines do it, with their 20 inch weaves and what not, but this is so Unbearable!!!

So my next option now is braids, but I have not braided my hair since..em…while…like forever!! Or wait am lying, I did micro braids last time I went to D.C and it completely cut all of my front hairline… much so that after takin out my braids (mind you I was crying as I was doing this) I SWORE OFF those suckers for life.

But now as I am looking around at the sexy cornrows, and “bob-marleys”, as well as the packets of “amina” in my mom’s room, I am craving the thought of putting my bum to sleep while sitting for 8hrs for some nice braids.

Infact, I think that’s what I’ll do because maintaining this weave is becoming unbearable!!

However I am reluctant (not just because I am afraid that it will cut my hair) but because I have been working at developing and defining my signature look and hair-do. I envy those girls that have had bangs forever and continue will continue to wear them because that's their signature look, I have pratically done every hair I can possibly do in search of this look, and now that I have found it (or thought I did in the forms of 16inch, color 4/30 wavy locks) I have to let it go because I can't handle it with this change of climate. Anyways I guess I just have to find my signature style in braids then.

So I guess that’s it, good bye to my signature “superstar” weave, and Hello BRAIDS!! I am soo excited, I can't wait, As soon as I get them done, I’ll post pictures!!



xxUduakxx said...

Does this mean you're now based in Nigeria? Man, I think you'll have a fun time comparing hair tips between the USA and home.

I wonder how much Nigeria's changed tho ... haven't been home in a minute.

LOL @ humidity. All the human bodies in Lagos?? Damn straight it would be extra humid lol!!

Chi-Chi said...

WOW you're in Nigeria?! I cannot wait to see the updates you'll post about Naija style trends.

As for your question, I prefer wearing my hair in braids. It's easier to maintain in rain, snow, and heat.