Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HAIR ENVY!!!!!! arrrrgggghhhh!!!!

Hey bloggers how is it going? so anyways yesterday I did something I have been dreading to do and that was going to the hair salon. Now you might ask why a hair enthusiast like myself would hate goin to the Hair salon, well that is because I am afraid of people judging me because of my shitty hair.
well....my hair is not that bad, its just that, I cut it myself (big mistake, but that was the only way I could comb it) so I have this un-even hair. And also Hair salons in Nigeria, is not the same with those in America for several reasons:
1. You will run into someone u know that u really don't want to talk to but they want to talk to u.
2. Everyone in the salon has opinion about the hair-style ur doing ( last time a woman at the salon told me not to do this curly hairstyle because I would be fired from my job, like she knew were I worked)
3. When u have shitty hair like I did that day ur stylists lets u know..."Madam u no get hair for front" like I didn't know I was baldin by the side...or my all time favorite, "madam this hair (as she points at ur hair) is not relaxed, it won't look fine". That brings me to another point, when did Natural hair become the ANTITHESIS of naija hair stylist...(stylist not braiders).

Anyways, as u can see I have my reasons to justify my hate for Hair salons. But as my favorite hair lady decided to have a life, I was left with no choice but to go to the salon and get my month old braids out..(remember they're like $15).

Anyways as I walked in and made my way through the eyes that were checkin out everything I had on from head to toe, my heart was beating because I would soon remove my wig and everyone will see what I had underneath. But luckily for me that day, I had to wait for a while so no one was lookin as I quickly pulled the wig off and painfully brushed out my fro.

But I was shocked to see how healthy and strong EVERY WOMAN's hair (at that salon dat day) was, I mean I was expectin to see some real freaky hair show, u know really bad unhealthy hair that u see at some salons, but no. Everyone had hair coming out from their "forehead" to their "back" I mean, don't these people braid their hair? doesn't it CUT? where are the reciding or invisbile hair-line? am I the only person with shitty hair thanks to yrs of CONSTANT WEAVE, BRAIDS, RELAXERS!!!

is it in the food? the weather? WHAT? what are some nigerian women putting on their hair to make it HEALTHY AND STRONG!!! please tell me my heart is breaking of HAIR ENVY!!!


Amina said...

I'd love to know the secret too!
is it shea butter by any chance?
lol on natural hair being the antithesis...

for hair appointments, i avoid going to the hair salons on weekends!
I prefer when it is quiet so i can have access to all the magazines and not wait..
i usually go on tuesdays because on mondays people are bitter they have to go back to work...at the opening time.
if they open at 9 a.m, i am there at 9 :30 a.m...so they can have time to change, gossip, drink coffee...lol..

Ore said...

Maybe it was just the day you went, because I can assure that there are many women with unhealthy, thin and stringy hair with receding hairlines.

Perhaps, braiding techniques are less tough on the hair than they used to be too. I remember when I was younger, your hair wasn't considered done properly if it wasn't pulling your eyebrows half-way up your scalp, which was definitely damaging to the hairline and scalp. That's much different from now, as many women have more information about hair care and less likely to put up with the 'beauty is pain' mantra.

Adaure said...

lol. I have very natural hair and an 'invisible hair line' so I know exactly what you mean. That is why i go to a very remote hair salon in YABA to do my hair. They have only one customer at a time. I cannot afford that sort of complex...too personal and painful. LOL.