Thursday, September 25, 2008

$15 braids. $30 weaves

I know those prices are ridiculous for braids and weaves but not in Nigeria. One of my favorite things about being back home is how CHEAP and AFFORDABLE it is to do your hair, that is why most women change their hair-styles TWICE a month on average.
In my earlier "post" I talked about getting my hair done in the "tree-braid" or "fish-bone (nigeria)" style. The style is basically a mix of corn-row, and crotchet braiding, but instead of puttin the extensions in, like u would with crotchet, u just braid it in. So let's get to the fun part,
Cost of hair extensions (synthetic):

550 Naira = (roughly) $5.50

Cost of getting hair braided:

2000 Naira = (roughly) $20

all together= (roughly) $25.50 for BRAIDS (price can be cheaper depending on who u find, but always remember to tip well :) that would cost me $100 or + by my professional hair stylist (and mind u she's my

so yes, am quite HAPPY to be HOME :) now if only I can find something positive to say about the Lagos Traffic.

Newest Obssession: BOHO braids.

Def. a way to SPRUCE up ur Hairstyle.
How to: Simply corn-row, or if u cannot corn-row, braid a single strand of hair in front and pin it along the sides of ur hair.

HOT MESS of the DAY: Fantasia
Honey, if ur hair color can be found in a crayola box, then it's got to GO!!!


Amina said...

that is sooo right!!!
i miss that from Dakar
every month there are new styles of braids out too!!

xxUduakxx said...

Comments on:
Fantasia - I think I threw up in my mouth ... just a lil ...
BoHo Braids - Not too much of a fan, altho I do like them somewhat, as they have an old English look to them ... and Jade looks effin hot in the style ;)
Getting hair done at home: Priceless! Nothing compares to that! I truly miss Amina (the extension lol) :P

Hair Azara said...

lol @ xxuduakxx, ahhh the good ole days of Amina.