Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Azara LOVES: Kimberly Kimble

So I was going on one of my regular cheap cosmetics spending spree in Walgreens when I came upon a new line of hair products for "Women of color" by the name Kimble. I love the packaging and all and most importantly I like that it had everything I was looking for, from products for weaves to normal hair.

Everything about the packaging was very simply and clear. So being the researcher I am, I had to look up the man or woman behind this line. Lo and Behold it's Kimberly Kimble one of my fav. celeb hair-stylist. Often featured on Allure magazine and recently on Oprah, Kimble is the lady behind the hair-styles of some of your favorite celebs like Vanessa Williams, Beyonce Knowles, and Kerry Washington.

Below is Kimberly Kimble talking about her Product Line.

"My products were all about finding a way to style your hair without damaging it. I wanted my products to give results- healthy hair that looks and feels good and has incredible shine. My clients always loved the way their hair looked after they came out of my salon and I wanted a way that they could achieve the same shine at home".

Kimberly's tip on Black Hair:

" For Black hair, you definitely want to keep it moist, don’t let it get dry and brittle because that’s what causes breakage".

" Many women are afraid to cut their hair- don’t be. It’s much healthier to keep your hair cut- it looks fresher and keeps the hair healthier"

" Hair maintenance is the most important- the key is to get the right maintenance products. Black hair needs a little bit more attention than most to stay healthy, so make sure you’re sleeping on silk"

For more information on her and her Hair product Line, check out her website:

Celebrity Comments on Kimble's products (courtesy of

-Actress Taraji P. Henson has said "Kimble's Ginger Cream Conditioner smells so delicious you want to eat it."

-Garcelle Beauvais has said "I love Kimberly Kimble shampoo and conditioner. She's a hairstylist I've been working with forever. My favorites are her Peppermint (Cream) Shampoo and her Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner. I just love when you can smell your hair all day long

What the HELL was she thinkin?

As much as I am a Big fan of experiments, I hate CRIMPED hair!! and Tyra what is this CRAP??

HAIR CHANGE ALERT!: Do you LIke Michelle's MANE Move?


Amina said...

I've heard about her products but never had a chance to try them...
i did not know that walgreens carries them..

Chi-Chi said...

I love Michelle's new hair style. It definitely suits her.

Anonymous said...

Wow the info you gave on Kim Kimble was really helpful. I went to a beauty supply store here in Los Angeles to buy a ceramic flat iron and got a sample of her conditioning shampoo (mint green colored, cant remember the name) that worked great and when I googled her name I didnt see a website or maybe I just didnt look hard enough anyway I had no idea her products were sold in Walgreens. Thanks for the great info!