Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hi bloggers sorry it's been long!! things are great here in Nigeria just I can't stand this RAIN!! anyways I see some of you know about the "ubiquotous"(spelling?) hairstyle I am talking about, and yes it is that "RIHANNA" do, I used to like the hair, but now that I see every woman and child with it, I hate it.

Speaking of EXPIRED HAIR-do's, I understand that this summer has been one of short hair-styles but some of the pictures of the female below show that there is such a thing as "too much" of a good thing!!

Anyways below are pictures of Hair do's that are "too late" in terms of the timing of the do, and too short in terms of Length.

1. Victoria Beckham:
-She probably was the one that "popularized" the BOB, from her days as a Spice Girl with that classic BOB, to now "overdone" BOB with long bangs that she used to have. But this one PIXIE-DO, well..I am not a big FAN of. It might just be my personal taste, but this hair looks like a BAD Beverly Johnson human hair wig. I just don't Like!

2) Natasha BeddingField:
- What more can I say? this Hair-cut makes her look like she is questioning her sexuality, or getting over a heartbreak. Too DRASTIC looking and just not nice!

3) Rihanna and Mary-J Blige
- Well good ole Ri-Ri, I have you to thank for the latest hair craze, but this thing ur sporting looks like a style-steal from "There is something about Mary" ....hmm..
-Speaking of Mary, I am so sick and tired of this hair of yours! please do something ELSE!!!

- I know it's a WIG, infact I am happy that it is a WIG. Now we are all know that you were not supposed to have Short Hair!! So next time you wear your "mammy-water" weaves I will smile because short hair is just not YOU!! (do you see her strong masculine neck?)


Anonymous said...

lol..Azara you sound so pissed off at these women with their do's..I actually do like the wig on beyonce tho..I think she looked different but nice... Oh and i sort of like the "theirs something bout mary" do..It'd rock it if i had her sort of hair...
But nice post tho...

xxUduakxx said...

I couldn't agree with you more on this blog, Azara!! Eww to all the hair dos!! And do you SEE Beyoncé next to Miley (or watever her name is) ... she looks like a mother!! Oh bwoy!! And Bedingfield's?? Don't even let me begin!!!!!

Zena said...

I agree with everything, but I think the short hair Beyonce has is for the movie she's coming out with, she plays Ella Fitzgerald, and generally dats what Ella haf

Chi-Chi said...

I never enjoy Mary J's platinum blonde hair weaves. I think she would fab with a darker shade like right here. Her style however has its own swagger.

Great update, Azara!

xxUduakxx said...

Zena - Are you serious?!? She's going to play Ella?!? Oh man!! Where did you hear about this and when's that movie supposed to be coming out ... cos Ima have to plan to see it!!

LoLu said...

Ok. AM just out of camp where I've had to put up with and stomach the various horrible hairdos most nigerian gurls are experts at wearing. So right now, am still getting over it so no comment.

However, Beyonce in a new movie? Ok. Please let's know when its out. i want to see!