Saturday, April 5, 2008

Who's dat HAIR??!!! 2

hEY bloggers, men this week was crzy I don't know how other people keep up with their blog because this is like work!! trying but I didn't think I would go like a couple of days without checking in...Anyways in today's episode of who's dat hair (lol sounds like a T.V show) we will feature Naija's very own "beyonce" (or so I heard she's been called).


I love this girl, she is talented, creative and just seems like a fun girl following her dreams. Ashionye if you're reading I think you are AWESOME!!!

I just love my naija entertainers, they just seem like so much fun and all have this crzy ENERGY!!!

Anyways, Ashionye is from Utagba Uno, Kwale in Delta state and is well known as a singer/songwriter, and actress. A former member of the group "ELLE", the girls created their own brand of music called "Afro pop" and later changed their name to "Emete". The group dis-banded in 2005 and Ashionye stroke out on her own. Since then she's gone on to release her CD titled "A piece of me".

Ashionye is that singer that understands what it means to be entertainer, she has done an excellent job branding her look and sound. Everyone knows her signature hair color (that electric #30 or #33, it varies) and she keeps coming up with beautiful hair styles that sets trends!!

Entertainment in Naija has always been considered a boy's club affair, but singers like Ashionye and many others are changing that, and doing it with unstoppable charisma and energy.

Thanks to her Talent and beauty, Ashionye got an amazing gig acting as the brand ambassador for pepsi Light. Way to go gurl!!!

Whether it is braids or weaves, Ashionye knows how to rock them and sticks with what works with her beautiful complexion. So, Hair Azara is honoring Ashionye for knowing her look and branding her image.

Braided Elegance!

Sexy casual look.

(This one is probably my Favorite :)


Which Ashionye look is your favorite?

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