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HUH???? Braids SHORTEN Hair's Lifespan???

How can something so PRETTY be BAD??

I saw this article on Exquiste magazine online and had to blog about it. Correct me if am wrong but I thought braids were healthy for your hair because it made your hair grow (except for the micro ones) , isn't that why we were required to carry it like that in primary school?

Exquisite Beauty: Braids Shortens Your Hair's Lifespan. By Ugo Igbokwe

The lifespan of an individual hair is on average, between 2 and 6 years.
This life span is divided into three stages, which are:

ANAGEN: this is the first stage, when the new hairs grow, from the base of the hair follicle.
CATAGEN: this is the second stage, when the hair has now ceased to grow, the root shrinks and follicle breaks down, allowing the hair to move upward.
TELOGEN: the mature hair is loosely anchored to the hair root, and after the couple of months, the hair will fall out. Hair overly stressed during braiding, can encourage the hair to fall out shortening it lifespan.

Scalp Problems Caused By Braids

This is caused by stylist being too harsh when holding the hair to braid. This pulls the hair thereby stretching it to its fullest potential, and this will of course depend on the condition and elasticity of the hair. Then has the hair try to return to its previous length causing great stress on the hair follicle. This can cause severe headache a day or so after braiding. It can also cause sores to appear on the hair scalp, which in turn can become infected and very painful.
Hair Breakage Caused By Braids
Braiding your hair immediately after a chemical service is not acceptable because the hair after a chemical service does not get to an optimum moisture level of 8%, is overly porous and most importantly has poor elasticity. Even if the hair does not break at the turn of service it could break within days or week after the services.

Caring For Your Braids

For all of the above reasons it is vital that once you have your braids done, that you take good care of them. Follow the stylist instructions. However due to the lack of conditioning once your hair is braided, (it is often recommended that you do not condition for fear of the conditioner making the hair too soft and loosening the braid, loosening curls if curled or be tangled) it is vital that a month prior and past your appointment, you should spend time giving your hair a lot of TLC. This means pampering your hair with shampoo that will restore your hair’s moisture level to it optimum 8%, treatment conditioner that contains vegetable proteins, improving elasticity. Try and give your hair a treatment at least once a week. Because you can shampoo and condition your braids even half braids ask me how?

Author Note: There is no reason why you should not enjoy the experience of hair braids & weaves, as long as you take the proper precaution. Go to well-respected specialist; use good professional hair products and ALWAYS GET A CONSULTATION.

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