Monday, May 26, 2008


Hey guys, I get alot of emails asking me where to get some hair stuff, whether it is Azara products or other hair products. Like I promised today I will tell you about some cool products and where to get them based on location.


DownTown Salon
Location 248A, Muri Okunola Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos.
Phone 01-2701394; 08037139505; 08035553556

020 7485 7755; 020 8533 6608
1-3 Ferdinand Street, London NW1 8ES
Unit 1, 8-20 Well street, London E9 7PX

*Looking for a place to order Weaves, Wigs and braids online? Check out:
(now with lace wigs and indian hair)


For more information check out

I love their relaxer and strengthening cream!

Friday, May 23, 2008


I am not saying that the following pictures are of women with the best outfit, but what I do like about the pictures below is the fact that their HAIRSTYLES matched the dramatic effect of their outfits. (all pictures courtesy of

Side Part + One-sided Dress

Girly curls with a girly flowery printed dress

Dramatic Hair'do + Dramatic Dress

SLEEK upDO + SLEEK dress

REGAL updo + REGAL green Dress

ROMANTIC dress + ROMANTIC hairdo

Sexy VIXEN hairdo + SEXY vixen outfit

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Favorite Naija "RED CARPET" Hairstyles (1)

It seems to me that the best place to be seen these days is at the red carpet of any major Media event in Nigeria. It is the place to show off the latest fashion, accessories, and of course Hairstyles. While some keep it simple by maybe packing their hair in a bun, others take risk that either help or hurt their looks. But I have to say after looking through a great deal of pictures on, Nigerian women NEVER fail with their HAIRSTYLES!! I love it!! HERE are some of my favorite looks, (there were so many, I think I have to have a part 2).

I like this style very simple and natural.

Cute Hair, she knew what worked for her!

Love da color!

This look is very bold and sassy, and she pulled it off! I love it!! FIERCE!!!!

definitely loving T.Y's signature look!! esp. in this style

I love the color, love da cute just love da whole thing!! Oge is the queen of bangs, and she does it very well!

Nothing sexier than a BOLD and confident look!

I love this hair, I think my Bad photoshop skills ruined the pic, but I was just trying to emphasize the bohemian look of her braids!!! I lOVE IT!!

Great hair texture + Great Waves = Believable weave!! I love this simple yet elegant look.

Can't argue with this, Cornrows are always sexy!

I love her braids!!

I believe she has braids, loving the curls and volume!

*All pictures courtesy of

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

To PERM or not to PERM?

Last weekend I went to my counsins house to help her out with the twins, when I came in I saw that she had them with towels around their neck, hair divided in four and was about to start perming the first one's hair. You're probably asking what's wrong with that, but the problem is that they are 5!!!!. I don't know if it is written on the relaxer kit or not, but I am pretty sure you are not supposed to perm Kid's hair if they are that young. Isn't that dangerous?

I was like Tia what are you doing? and she went on about how the gurls cried each time she brushed their hair and so she believed that relaxing it would make it easier for them.

Needless to say I talked her out of It. The whole situation got me thinking, when is an appropriate time to relax your kids hair? I remember the first time I got my hair relaxed, I was probably 9 because that was the first time I got my weave. I remember feeling like Hot shyt and I wanted to take my hair to school, but my mom told me that the principal would cut it off. lol. Anyways I personally think that relaxing your daughter's hair at an early age would definately set them up for having damaged Hair.

What do you think?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The very best in "Human Hair" Extensions!!

- Apparently voted "best weave" in Hollywood. Can't argue with that

-Love their hair!! I think that's probably all Cassie's, don't know

- Gotta love her!, her hair is always on point!!

-Been following her hair trend since ANTM, very nice and natural

Always wonder why your "store-bought" weave never looks as nice, and natural as those on TV? well that is because these stars wear the very best in human hair extension which is usually indian remy hair!!

At about $50 an oz. (yes oz. not packs) and with about 6-8oz that complete a full head, these hairs cost about $300-$800 (depending on length). Even though it might seem costly this type of hair is worth all its cost:

- With proper care can last up to 12 months (eliminating the cost of constantly having to buy new hair)

- Unlike hair in packs, this hair rarely sheds.

- The wefts are much thinner, therefore you have less hair bumps (amen for dat!!), helping create undetectable weaves. (remember Sanaa Lathan in "something new")

-Indian remy hair is more similar to black hair in texture, unlike the sometimes overtly silky hair extensions that are usually made for european women.

- Often come in great lengths! (but will cost you)

Overall if you are looking for the best in human hair extensions, and are willing to pay more than $300 for it, then this is the Hair for you.

For more informations, checkout Bellazara hair at

Product of the week:

Bored of your conditioner and looking for something new? why not check out this conditioner by Carol's daughter

Thursday, May 8, 2008

No they didn't!!!

so I was doing my usual "wasting time" on the internet when I came across this dvd on a ghana entertainment website. I mean am not going to lie I liked the movie "BEYONCE" but the name BEYONCE? PRESIDENT'S DAUGHTER? I mean seriously? and it was bad enough that the other character's name was CIARA, but wait........ it's not over, it gets WORSE.....



are you serious? someone please explain this to me? I don't understand, why these names, I understand trying to make money and have people buy it, but common!!!!! BEYONCE AND RIHANNA???

aNYways these people want a HIT by all means, the movie features my fav. actress OMOTOLA, nollywood bad boy JIM IYKE and "soon to be if already not" NADIA Buhari. Good cast but bad NAME!!!

If you've seen it, do you like it?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

are you a q-WOMAN?

Hey bloggers wats up? hope you had a fabulous weekend!!!

are you a Queen-tessential woman??

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Hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Weekend UPDATE

Is it me or did this week fly by really fast? Anyways, it is my personal motto that every girl should once in a while RE-VAMP herlook. Why not try that this weekend with these following tips. Whether it is a get-together or a party, or just clubbing, these following hair tips add the final touch to that sexy look you're going for. Hope you enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!!


Achieve this Loose curls look with a medium-barrel curling iron and hair spray

Achieve this wet and wavy look by applying a product like Pantene Pro-V Root Lifter Voluminizing Spray Gel, and braiding giant braids overnight. Release braids and style.

If you are going for the Super Straight look, apply a moisturizing lotion or flat iron pomade and press straight with the help of a ceramic Flatiron.


You can achieve this GLAM look with the help rollers. The trick is to have the rollers set in the same direction, have them curl upwards from the nape toward the face. Then use a soft bristel brush and unite the strands to create a curvy mass.

Photo Courtesy of

Want to achieve this look by adding waves to your natural hair? Then Roller-set hair with medium and small rollers using a setting lotion such as Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll . Once hair is dry, release curls, brush them out and comb front portion of hair up and over to either side to create waves. (Tip courtesy of

This Look is achieveable courtesy of HALF-WIGS. Simply part hair in the middle and have it tucked under the ear, and the clip the front and back of the half-wig. For an exotic look, braid a cornrow across the head before placing the clips.


Very simple and sassy, this look is achieved by braiding two big cornrows in the shape of a crown by the sides of the head. If you are looking for a fuss-free hairstyle that is exudes classy-ness and sophistication, then this is the hairstyle for you.

This casual updo can be achieved by have about 6 or 7 single medium sized braids and then pulling them up together. This particular hair was achieved with twist instead of braids. Can also be achieved if one has loc's.

Photo Courtesy of
If you don't want to braid your hair, you can just rock your sexy fro'. Don't forget to moisturize. I love this look, oh so FIERCE!!

I am probably on my 3rd or 4th week of using Dr. Miracle's temple and nape balm, and I have to say that I am indeed seeing some MIRACLE. My hair is slowly regrowing in the temple area. I'll be sure to keep you posted when things are back to normal.