Sunday, May 18, 2008

The very best in "Human Hair" Extensions!!

- Apparently voted "best weave" in Hollywood. Can't argue with that

-Love their hair!! I think that's probably all Cassie's, don't know

- Gotta love her!, her hair is always on point!!

-Been following her hair trend since ANTM, very nice and natural

Always wonder why your "store-bought" weave never looks as nice, and natural as those on TV? well that is because these stars wear the very best in human hair extension which is usually indian remy hair!!

At about $50 an oz. (yes oz. not packs) and with about 6-8oz that complete a full head, these hairs cost about $300-$800 (depending on length). Even though it might seem costly this type of hair is worth all its cost:

- With proper care can last up to 12 months (eliminating the cost of constantly having to buy new hair)

- Unlike hair in packs, this hair rarely sheds.

- The wefts are much thinner, therefore you have less hair bumps (amen for dat!!), helping create undetectable weaves. (remember Sanaa Lathan in "something new")

-Indian remy hair is more similar to black hair in texture, unlike the sometimes overtly silky hair extensions that are usually made for european women.

- Often come in great lengths! (but will cost you)

Overall if you are looking for the best in human hair extensions, and are willing to pay more than $300 for it, then this is the Hair for you.

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NigerianDramaQueen said...

good good stuff to know!!!

Coffie said...

No No No..Golden from Girlfriends has the worst weave I have ever seen,lol.Seriously though she's at the bottom of the list, and offcourse Gabrielle Union tops it! But what hair are You rocking now?..maybe you should post some pics abi?..;-).. and I cant believe you had your first weave at 9?..Never had a weave on until my prom night, and I was 17..

Anonymous said...

i always loved eugena's hair from antm days

Hair Azara said...

@Coffie, lol I don't know but I always loved Golden's hair, but her makeup and sometimes hair color choices were something else.
anyways am sporting a nice weave right now, and I'll be sure to post pictures later.

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Just Friends said...

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Harish Kumar said...

Good post.

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