Thursday, May 22, 2008

Favorite Naija "RED CARPET" Hairstyles (1)

It seems to me that the best place to be seen these days is at the red carpet of any major Media event in Nigeria. It is the place to show off the latest fashion, accessories, and of course Hairstyles. While some keep it simple by maybe packing their hair in a bun, others take risk that either help or hurt their looks. But I have to say after looking through a great deal of pictures on, Nigerian women NEVER fail with their HAIRSTYLES!! I love it!! HERE are some of my favorite looks, (there were so many, I think I have to have a part 2).

I like this style very simple and natural.

Cute Hair, she knew what worked for her!

Love da color!

This look is very bold and sassy, and she pulled it off! I love it!! FIERCE!!!!

definitely loving T.Y's signature look!! esp. in this style

I love the color, love da cute just love da whole thing!! Oge is the queen of bangs, and she does it very well!

Nothing sexier than a BOLD and confident look!

I love this hair, I think my Bad photoshop skills ruined the pic, but I was just trying to emphasize the bohemian look of her braids!!! I lOVE IT!!

Great hair texture + Great Waves = Believable weave!! I love this simple yet elegant look.

Can't argue with this, Cornrows are always sexy!

I love her braids!!

I believe she has braids, loving the curls and volume!

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