Wednesday, May 21, 2008

To PERM or not to PERM?

Last weekend I went to my counsins house to help her out with the twins, when I came in I saw that she had them with towels around their neck, hair divided in four and was about to start perming the first one's hair. You're probably asking what's wrong with that, but the problem is that they are 5!!!!. I don't know if it is written on the relaxer kit or not, but I am pretty sure you are not supposed to perm Kid's hair if they are that young. Isn't that dangerous?

I was like Tia what are you doing? and she went on about how the gurls cried each time she brushed their hair and so she believed that relaxing it would make it easier for them.

Needless to say I talked her out of It. The whole situation got me thinking, when is an appropriate time to relax your kids hair? I remember the first time I got my hair relaxed, I was probably 9 because that was the first time I got my weave. I remember feeling like Hot shyt and I wanted to take my hair to school, but my mom told me that the principal would cut it off. lol. Anyways I personally think that relaxing your daughter's hair at an early age would definately set them up for having damaged Hair.

What do you think?


NigerianDramaQueen said...

My mum didnt let me perm my hair for the longest time. I think I was 11 when she finally did. I was sooo excited: I got that Just for Me relaxer and would sing along to the soundtrack tape that came with the relaxer every day!lol

I would say to wait till at least 10 to relax a childs hair!

chioma said...

5 is def too early. I am kinda anti-relaxer,so I would probably not relax my daughters hair till she's like but really I think the best time to relax a childs hair is when she can take care of it maybe her early teens 12, 13? I always cringe when I see 3yr old with permed hair..

Anonymous said...

While i agree that 5 is definitely too young, there's no denying the fact that combing and braiding can be a nightmare for young girls with kinky hair. I know my girlfriend went through hell with her daughter. She was finally advised to use a kiddies texturizer. It softens the hair without straightening it, and the hair retains its natural look.

Unfortunately, i can't remember which one she used but i guess there are load out there you could research...

Ore said...

I agree too that 5 is way too young to perm. My heart breaks to see young girls with permed hair already, because I know that within a few years their hair will be breaking, stringy and unhealthy.

I'm in my 30s and wear my hair natural, so I would say the best time to perm is NEVER. LOL! Well..... if you must, no younger than 16 when the young lady can take responsibility for and care for her hair.