Monday, August 18, 2008

Hair Drama, Hair trauma..

Some days I just HATE my hair, I just want to get clippers and shave all of it OFF!! I look at other people's hair and I wonder why their's behave so much better than mine. I am sooo SICK of this HAIR somedays!!!

anyways that was me last night, I have been trying to maintain my hair naturally since it has been breaking for a year now. So while I was taking off my weave, I noticed I could not comb my hair, it was sooo tangled that I had to chop the thing off!!! so am back at square one. But am not bothered, the most important thing for me is to have healthy, full hair, not necessarily long hair.

So anyways am trying to get my hair all healthy again, one of the things I learned is that hair grease like the one below, is not good for conditioning hair, especially if you are trying to nourish your hair, rather it is best to use natural oil.

If you check out my previous post, you will see when I blogged about Jojoba oil as a hair conditioner. Also while surfing the net to find helpful hints, I came across this youtube video of an oil based hair recipe for conditioning hair, I've not yet tried it but I want to get comments from those that have on whether this works.

In the past I've normally used olive oil and that worked well too.


One of my favorite shampoos especially for those that have hair like mine which is very weak and brittle, is DOO GRO's MEGA THICK anti-thinning shampoo.

According to the website:,:

-DOO GRO®Mega Thick Anti-Thinning Shampoo Thickens and strengthens.

-Helps repair weak and damaged hair.

-Moisturizes and cleanses with Shea Butter, vitamins & botanical thickeners.

-Promotes thick, strong, growing hair.

I personally like it because my hair does feel stronger after shampooing.

Well for more tips and advice on maintaining natural hair, checkout my new fav. site:


For those of you that might have missed this (kinda old now), what do you think of the whole beyonce controversial. Here is the pic of the ad that was supposedly lightened by the products company.

What do you think? Is it a big deal? why or why not? The question is why is everyone on Beyonce's case, it's not like alot of these stars know what the companies are going to do with their pics after taking them. Anyways you tell me!


xxUduakxx said...

I think the thing about Beyoncé is that she increasingly has the appearance of a white woman, rather than a Black woman. Pls! No completely Black woman has hair like the one in the picture!! At least that's one of my issues with her. Honestly, little Black girls can hardly relate to a Beyoncé depicted with long flowly, light caramel colored hair. Where are the strong, unmovable curls that characterize the African decent-ed woman??

Doo grow Lover said...

I use doogrow and girl my hair is full lion mane, its not weak but i have very soft hair and it was breaking coz i did a home dye with herbal essense. Also use kera care silk and seal for blow dry, it will help the frizz and ur hair will be much manageable..and of course pre-poo ur hair b4 u wash it..

As to beyonce 2years ago on a sat nite while waiting for our pizza, my cozins and I had this huge arguement, I said she sold out and was looking white to sell loreal, and i wudnt use any of their damn products coz it was for white hair, and one of my cozins said naa shez naturally fair, I cant wait to see my cozins again to debate this article!!!!!

Amina said... woes .it happens to all of us...
yes, hair grease is a no-no...
unless it is made with oils and nourishing butters..have you tried oyin's burnt sugar pomade (

i loove jojoba oil! i usually do hot oil treatment with it...

i hardly comb my hair but lately i've been detangling a little bit more since tangles are nasty!!

and i agree with you..aiming for healthy hair is the best goal..:)
great blog by the way!