Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stylists, Salons, and Products.

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General Info:
ARE YOU in LAGOS or ABUJA and are looking for high quality human hair extensions or Lace-wigs?
- call Bola A. of Laviva Hair extensions with 08059005927, if you are on Facebook be sure to check out the group LAVIVA Hair extensions, and send her a message. Website ( on its WAY!!!

-call Jennifer N. or email her with NELVERJEN@YAHOO.COM and she will do your hair for an affordable price. Jen does everything from ponytails, and weaves to Lace wig applications, all for an affordable price. Checkout her blog: for information on hot hair styles!! and if you are on facebook, check out the group Jen does the hottest weaves in Boston!!!

Visiting Ghana and looking for a SALON?
-then visit ENVOQUE BEAUTY PARLOUR,OSU in ACCRA. The do everything from weaves to pedicures and eyelash extensions. For more information, call them with 00233289521346 , 00233244042757.


I have just become obssessed with these rollers, I wish I just bought it when the commercials first came out because it would have saved me LOTS OF TIME PREPPING BEFORE CLASS!!!

anyways these rollers are easy to put on, they stay on, you can sleep with them. I usually use them before I go to sleep, but in these pictures I put them on 5 hrs before I needed to roll my hair for the night. Hope u enjoy!

Curls vary depending on how you curl your hair. This product is best used right before you go to bed, so that way it eliminates the 30mins or so you use before you go to work!
Rollers can be bought at any WALGREENS or SALLY'S beauty SUPPLY for $9.99, no hair lotion or spray was used to maintain the stay of the curls in these photos.


Ms.O said...

hmm that looks very interesting!!!! i wanan know more..please email

Jarrai said...

Hello Missy

I am loving the rollers...where did u buy them. They are the bomb...please let me know. My email is

Thanks chikito

J.F. said...

LOVE your blog. Great job!!!
Do u use wrapping lotion or anything before you use the 'wrap, snap and go' to ensure the curls last long?

Hair Azara said...

Thanks guys. The rollers can be bought at walgreens or Sally's beauty supply for $9.99, no setting lotion or hair spray was used to maintain the HOLD of the hairstyle.

Anonymous said...


can you use this on natural hair as well?? my email is you have an idea were i can get it in the UK???