Friday, March 13, 2009

Hair today.....MORE tomorrow!!

Hey bloggers wats new?
so I made a giant mistake of doing this stupid long weave dat I could not even maintain for 2wks. I don't even know what possessed me, I simply saw my pack of 22 inch weave and decided to give it a GO.....IN this BLOODY NIGERIAN HEAT!! needless to say, I rarely had my hair down, instead it was always in some POCAHONTAS type braid that irritated my

well enough of that ish.....infact..NEVER!! will I do that again, I guess I will just wait till I get to Jand/Yankee to pull that stunt again.

I guess I was channel-ling Li-Lo? someone please remind me am not OYIBO and tht there is a limit to all this extension thing..


am getting my HAIR DID this WEEKEND and ME SOOOOOO EXCITED!!! I love getting my hair did, it's sooooo therauptic, like a CLEANSING or a RENEWAL......ya...maybe it's just me ;)

speakin of new HAIR-DOs.

why is everyone on BLOGsVILLE hating on Xtina Millian's HAIR?? am I the only ONE that likes IT???? I think it's FIERCE!!!! I mean in my creed of HAIR-DOing, one must do a LOOK that's different from his/her Norm every once in a WHILE, right??

Tell me u don't LOVE it? I dunno, I like how RADICAL it is!! I just hope it does not fall out...cuz all that peroxide................. WOW.

speaking of more NEW dos....(sorry I might be late on this one) but..

Call me crzy but I don't like BANGS on Ms.Kardashian, she's too pretty to be covering Half her face.

WHAT do you make of FERGIE's dark side? me....I dunnoo...I actually feel nothing for this look.


Finally!! Katie Holmes has her long locs BACK (at least for a while).

-Cuz I was not feeling that soccer-mom thingy she had going on.

and speaking of Fierceness....

Do I have to give u more reasons why I love EVE.

creed no.7 of one's HAIR-DOing....One must always have FUN with one's HAIR-DO!!!


Anonymous said...

aww..ur've been missed,love getting my hair done too..

udee said...

getting a new do (even if it's just a trim)
wearing make up
and the other vain things of life are all quite the therapeutic activities that keeps a girl sane
oh yeah
and long looooooooong showers mmmmm yessss
blonde has never been a fav in my book on any Black woman ... it is just toooo fake for me ... really?? black people do not naturally grow blonde tresses or hot red ones for that matter :-/

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