Thursday, February 26, 2009

Keeping it SIMPLE.

Bloggers how u dey? am so sorry it seems like I've abandoned my blog but I've not. Anyways, I don't want to make any excuses so I will just get on with the blogging.
What's new?

Well ALOT!

sO lET's see, First of all I have been going through a simply phase where I just want to always have my HAIR in a BUN. Maybe its the Nigerian weather, but regardless of what it is, I personally think that there is nothing sexier than a Nice, slicked back hair do, ....sooooooo CHIC! and another thing, depending on the occasion you can either dress it up real fancy? or create a Bo-Ho look by having it slightly messy.
What you NEED:

An Old toothbrush (to get all the baby hair, and stubborn hair)

Hair Pins.

Am not a BIG FAN of GEL since it cuts ur HAIR (well it cuts mine) so I use BEESWAX, except I try not to brush the hair so much when I put on the Beeswax, so I don't damage my hair.

Or If Beeswax is not ur thing, u can try Pomade, for that extra Hold.

....and of course a RubberBand.



So simple yet soo CHIC, luv it!

Hate the MAKEUP but the Ponytail is not that bad, esp. if you're like me and u LOVE DRAMATIC hair :)

This look can be created by using a braided Extension and tying around the gathered bun.

Casual Look:

Feeling a Tad Bit Dramatic? you can go for this:

.......However, there is such a thing as TOO-MUCH of a Good thing, Hence:

A tad bit too DRAMATIC for me.

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virgos lounge said...

heeeyaaa...i loove your blog! and im sorry for the late response but yeh welld definitely love to be featured!