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-courtesy of Sophisticates Black Hair

Which of the following describes your personality?
A. I am energetic and bubbly! I’m up for anything at any time.
B. I’m a very friendly person, but I’m a little bit sassy, too. Watch out!
C. I’m very grounded and stable. Don’t get me wrong- I like to have fun, but I always remember to reign it in before things get out of control.
D. I’ve been told that I’m sophisticated and refined. And though I do love drama, I won’t blow things out of proportion.

Which best describes your role in a GROUP setting?
A. I love the limelight
B. You won’t forget about me, I don’t hesitate to make my opinions known
C. I’m not a wallflower but in a group conversation I just like to sit back and listen.
D. I’ll give my opinion if I feel strongly about it. I don’t always say much, but when I do, it’s worth listening to.

Which best describes your style of dress?
A. My clothes are what you might call “free-spirited”
B. More earth tones, beiges and chocolate browns and shimmering golds. I DON’T DO PURPLE AND PINKS
C. I have clothes that are every color of the rainbow-from bright pinks to sunny yellows.
D. I go from urban glam to a more sophisticated style; it varies

How would you describe your career?
A. Like every aspect of my life, my career is unique and very creative.
B. Non-traditional, NO 9-5 FOR ME.
C. Professional setting, I deal with the public, business casual.
D. Ms. CEO, I am the boss of my domain.

What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?
A. When I decided to change my career, spur of the moment, and I’ve never regretted it.
B. Bungee-Jumping.
C. Switched lunch order from Caesar salad to asian chicken salad.
D. Negotiated with my boss to get a raise.

How often are you visiting a SALON?
A. Love going to the salon, go once a week.
B. My stylist and I are best friends, and are always experimenting with new looks.
C. I am lax when it comes to takin care of my hair
D. I go to the salon regularly for new and FUNKY hair dos

How would u rate your confidence level?
A. I know I can tackle whatever comes my way, BRING it on WORLD.
B. I’m very confident, depending on the day.
C. I do have insecurities, but I am comfortable with the way I look and feel about myself
D. I have a quiet confidence, I’m not standing on rooftops bragging about myself. I am not completely withdrawn and self conscious.


- iF You answered......

mostly A’s your mane color is BLONDE: very sensous and sexy. A high-profile look.

mostly B’S you mane color is RED: very bold and adventurous.

mostly C’s your mane color is BRUNETTE: wants to have fun but look professional. High powered career woman

mostly D’S your mane color is BLACK: very regal, strong personality. She’s in control of things and still classy.


Is your Hair shedding more than you like?
Then you need to use a shampoo and conditioner that contains VITAMIN E. or Use a VITAMIN E. oil treatment after. Vitamin E helps in strengthening your hair. A really good product is Soft & Beautiful moisturizing complex that is great for dry hair and alleviating it from shedding. It is also very important to TRIM hair every 6 weeks as to prevent split ends.
Looking for a way to have shiny hair without dripping with Oil?
Try Motions at Home salon sheen, Oil sheen, and conditioning spray which is silicone based and makes hair shiny and easy to comb.

Experiencing Hair-Loss?
Hair-lossed is often most caused by lack of blood circulation due to a constant tuggin and pullin of hair. Remember to losen hairstyles and massage the scalp area to increase blood circulation

Looking for quality Hair products?
Be on the look out for panthenol: which is a vitamin B complex factor that has been shown to add strength and body to the air. Also if you have Natural hair be sure to look out for products with Shea butter, as they contain a lot of moisturing ingredient.

Using the same shampoo and conditioner for more than a YEAR?
It is important to switch your conditioner and shampoo every 6 months, because continuous use of these products can cause your hair to build up residue leaving it limp and dry.

KNOTTED up by your natural hair?
Then use a leave-in conditioner. Spray on hair till damp and then gently brush from tip to roots. Applying a leave-in conditioner between shampoos makes combing easier and reduces shedding and hair breakage.

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