Sunday, October 12, 2008

Natural Hair and Keri H.

10 Tips for Caring for your Natural Hair.
-Courtesy of Braids and Beauty magazine

1. Apply a moisturizing conditioner by massaging the product into the hair, smoothing the cuticle along the hair shaft. Cover the hair with a plastic cap and allow the conditioner to activate for at least 15 minutes. For deeper conditioning sit under a hooded dryer set on warm (not hot) for ten minutes. Rinse, dry and style the hair

2. CHAMOMILE can brighten and soften oily hair. Preferably use a satin scarf to cover the hair at bedtime.

3. Remember TOO MUCH STRESS can weaken the hair, causing it to break more.

4. Curl your hair without chemicals by using STRAW-SETS
Apply setting lotion and wrap small sections of the hair around a drinkin straw. Smaller hair sections equal tighter curls.
After drying the hair under a hooded dryer, gently unwrap it from the straws. Oil the curls and roll out with more “spring” in ur hair.

5. Use ALCHOL-FREE products to maintain shiny, healthy hair. For frizz-free curls, maximum volume and body use a diffuser with your blow dryer, set at its lowest temperature and speed.

6. Treat your hair to a HOT-OIL treatment twice a month.

7. you can ROD SET your braids fro more texture and volume. Apply oil sheen to brighten the look and finger-comb the curls to style

8. DETANGLE your hair with a LARGE-tooth comb.

9. You can now LOCK and TWIST your hail with ORGANIC root stimulator’s locs and twist gel, it holds and moisturizes naturally.
COCONUT MILK, SUCROSE and SOYBEAN work together to give you twists that stay put and moisture that doesn’t fade. Enjoy great styling without flakes and hardness from alcohol and synthetic products.

10. Maintaing a healthy diet for a HEALTHY hair, meaning, including proteins and vitamins to your diet.


I was watching Channel O and saw Keri Hilson's new (don't know how long its been out there) music video "ENERGY". I absolutely LOVE her hair, very ORIGINAL, very CUTE and Sassy. This gurl is def. a HAIR DIVA to watch!!


So at the Launching of the 2nd edition of the Nigerian Music Video Awards (NMVA) I came across this gurl with a really cool Hair-cut (more like a Hair weave cut) and decided to take a pic of her, she only agreed to do it if I hid her face, but anyways want to do u think? Def. a upgrade from the usual RIHANNA hair-do I see everywhere. (My gawd can people give that style a rest?)


Amina said...

thank you for the advices

Anonymous said...

where's the pic?!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Azara where is the picture!! WE NEED TO SEE IT!!!lol...

Hair Azara said...

lol sorry guys I have been having problems downloadin it but I will try and have it up TODAY!!

lol. sorry again.

Anonymous said...

FIERCE!! dnt tell mi dats a hair stylist realli did a gud job

krys said...

Love it! But i agree with the rihanna thang even she's retired that style (sorta)what i'm waitin on is the 2000's version of the salt n pepa cut/style!! hmmm...