Tuesday, July 29, 2008

got NATURAL, RELAXED, or WEAVE hair???

Hair WEAVE problem: Is your WEAVE dry and BRITTLE, especially after you CURL and flat IRON it?

Solution: Be sure to apply Hair Butter or Serum BEFORE straightening. Remember you must care for your human hair extensions like your own and this includes deep conditioning. Products like: KIMBLE HAIR BUTTER ($11.99). apply a small amount of hair butter before you curl or straighten to moisturize your hair extensions.

Also be sure to use High-grade tools that contain pure titanium plates.

GREAT PRODUCTS for Relaxed or Natural Hair:
-visit Fantasiahaircare.com for hair products ranging from tea tree oil to olive oil hair polishers that will help make moisturize dry and dull hair for more natural HAIR SHINE!

Want LONGER hair?
-a friend of mine with gorgeous natural hair swears by Mane 'n Tail products. Have you tried it? send me an email hairbyazara@gmail.com and tell me if it works!

-I love Tanika Ray's natural curls, it's so fiery and sexy!!! After much research I found a website that offers tips on creating sexy twists.

Check out this website: http://missjessies.com/twist101.htm


Natures Gentle Touch said...

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