Saturday, June 28, 2008



Hey bloggers watsup? Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend thus far. Mine was great up until I ran into a lady with horrible, HORRIBLE, HO-RR-I-BLE WEAVE!!!
I have nothing against weaves, I wear them quite proudly, but everyone once in while when I see someone with ridiculous weave I just want to pull their hair and return it to the Chinese store. I mean people really? I understand sometimes it’s hard to find people to do ur hair, but dat does not mean u should walk around looking like a fool. Damn!

Many women, dream of having long, thick and healthy hair flowing over their shoulders and down their back. Unfortunately, not all of us can grow hair that long and so for those of us that don’t and still want it, we buy it. But not all hair purchased is right for you. Experts say that "one of the big differences between great hair extensions and terrible extensions is based on the type of hair that is used and the individual skill of the extension expert", usually good extensions are made with 100% real human hair that is applied by a skilled extension expert to look just like real hair.

So What are the causes of bad Hair-WEAVES?

1. Good hair and bad hair-stylist. (i.e the hair-stylist braids thick cornrows that cause bump, or she skips to stitch a "row" and causes hair to be uneven)

2. Bad Hair but good Hair stylist. (i.e if your hair is not relaxed DO NOT get silky hair)

3. “Bumpy” hair closure on top or really thick hair-wefts that cause bumps all over.

4. When natural hair does not match the hair weave or when natural hair does not blend with hair weave

5. When particular hair style does not match person’s facial structure (em..Serena Williams)

6. When hair weave has too much hair products (oil, mousse, gel..etc) and tangles easily.

What can you do to avoid being caught with a BAD WEAVE?

First find a good HAIR STYLIST!!!

2) Pick hair that is close to your hair in texture, color, and thickness, if you don’t plan on leaving any of your hair out, then pick a color and texture that would compliment your face and skin color.

3)Start with good-quality human hair. However if you‘re price conscious (aren‘t we all) Good quality “already styled“ Synthetic hair is the way to go, just remember it melts if it's styled with a curling iron or a blow dryer.
4) Maintain hair with a detangling shampoo like KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner such as KeraCare Dry & Itchy Scalp Moisturizing Conditioner.
5) When it's time to remove your weave, seek out a professional to prevent damage to your natural hair. Also if your weave starts coming out, visit your stylist to get the weave tightened and to ensure your hair is growing properly.
6) Before you sleep, remember to cover hair with Satin or Silk Scarf.

Friday, June 27, 2008

New WEAVE TECHNIQUE!! and Hair Extension DIRECTORY!!



I love this technique!! I am trying it next!! tell me if you love it.

as pretty as this looks in the end, would u do this? does it last?

IF YOUR HAIR IS NATURAL and you want it to be all braided in.

Try Treebraiding

*And for those of you that are looking for Extension experts all over the U.S check out this online directory courtesy of

Thursday, June 26, 2008

AZARA's TOP LOOK at N.E.A & Questions?

As was mentioned on my previous post, the N.E.A. awards was amazing, and below are pictures of my favorite looks (Hair and ensemble) that evening.

*All pictures courtesy of, and

AZARA'S TOP 5 LOOKS from the N.E.A awards:

Kemi Adetiba


Tatiana of BBA

2) Oluchi

1) Ladybrille

Hey bloggers, I get questions about hair products, salons and extensions asked on the comments, and sometimes I don't answer them because I keep forgeting to check my comments. Please if you have any questions regarding hair care, products, or anything for that matter relating to hair, please send me an email at:


I check this email everyday and I will be sure to see your questions and get back at you.

Please don't be offended if I don't answer any of the questions on the comment board, I simply forget to check it.

Also remember I am NOT a stylist, I am just a lady OBSSESSED with all things relating to HAIR, but I'll do everything I can to answer your questions with all the resources I have around me.

Thanks :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

HOT HAIR-styles @ the B.E.T awards '08

Hey bloggers, don't know if any of you saw the Black Entertainment Television (B.E.T) awards yesterday night, for those of you that missed it, it was def. HOT!! I am not usually a fan of the network or the awards show itself, but boredom captured me. Anyways the RED CARPET this year was hotter than it was last year, there were def. some Fashion forward people, but I have to say in the end, my favorite was RIHANNA!!! she KILLED IT!! from the cute yellow dress to the sexy haircut, everything was working for me, even the dramatic makeup.

Well here is a round up of the hottest hairstyles I saw, you might disagree :)
From 10 to 1..











Honorable Mentions: The ladies of En Vogue. Still Sexy ladies!!

The "WHAT THE HELL" AWARDS goes to.....

Solange: Maybe she was in a hurry??
I normally like Gabrielle's Hair-do's but this one just does not work for me..makes her ears stick out..and didn't she get a HAIR-CUT??

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A little bit of Everything...

Hey bloggers, sorry its been a while, just busy as usual..Anyways just got back from attending the Nigerian Entertainment Awards (N.E.A) and I have to say it was amazing. I am so upset that my camera eff-ed up, now am left to *borrow* pics, lol. If you were there and you have cute pics u want featured, you can email me at

Anyways everybody at the award was looking great, def. loved Oluchi's sophisticated hair bun, ladybrille's hair cut, and Big Brother's Tatiana's bob. I was speechless at how amazing everyone looked, people def. dressed to impress, what can I say Africans can DRESS!!!

With all the great hits, there were also some misses, GUYS please I am not a big fan of SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT!!! I don't get it, it does not make sense. And ladies, hoochie, too-tight fitting outfits are not flattering, please all dat sluttiness has got to go. Keep it clean and simple, and you'll DEF. have NO MORE DRAMA in your life. lol. Anyways....


Some of my fav. hair divas decided to do something different to their hair, not too sure about how I feel, but I think am loving Tyra's hair color, but why does it look too OYIBO? Tyra give the Lacy's a rest. they've so tired of looking at it now.
and Gabrielle....em...This cut will def. take me a while to get used to.


Picture courtesy of BOHYME Egyptian Wave at

Voluminous natural curl and textures are def. the rage. I love this look especially with Bohyme egyptian wave, ($89.99).

When Models STEAL!

- each other's style that is...

I wonder who rocked it first?

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Located at:
Murphis Plaza, 27 Sanusi Fafunwa Sreet Victoria Island, Hair Diva is the Exclusive Distributor for Nigeria.

Lengths range from 8inches to 32inches, based on the Pictures I've seen on the facebook group, the Hair is amazing!! be sure to add the group HAIR DIVA.

ARE you in LONDON and looking to buy LACE WIGS?

Why not check out Blessedluv

Blessedluv is based in London.

Contact Info
Margaret 0750 82 61 363
London, United Kingdom
*All infos. for Hair Diva and Blessedluv courtesy of their respective pages on facebook.


Have DRY and IRRITATED SCALP? treat it with Doo Gro stimulating Growth Oil that helps repair hair damaged by relaxers and the harsh effects of styling tools. The botanical oils and vitamins are perfect for smoothing dry hair.

Although I am not a BIG fan of RELAXERS, this is one of my favorite for those with strong hair that can handle it. ORGANIC ROOT STIMULATOR OLIVE OIL is an amazing relaxer that is not too strong and sealed with its own built-in hair protection.



Nigeria's Representative for the Miss Universe Pagent July 13 2008.

Please Watch and SUPPORT!!! I have a feeling she will go very FAR!!! I am soooo excited!!!
Anyways more on the african representatives check out

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Hair-Experiment: LACE FRONTALS

Hey Bloggers, the past week I decided to do something new to my hair dat I hadn't done, and that was to get a Weave with a Lace Frontal closing.

Now you might be confused as to the difference between Lace Wigs and Lace Frontals, well one is a Wig and the other is half a wig. The lace frontal is like half of a lace wig that is stitched to your weave and then "laced up" (glued) in the front.

Well, after I was done it looked great, but it's been less than a week and my glue has come undone. Also after brushing the hair in several ways to decide on a great parting, I found that I created a bald spot on my lace.

Regardless though I don't think this is a style I will keep for up to a month, it's nice when its done, its great when my hair is pulled in a bun (with all the baby hair slicked back) but knowing that some people know that my hair is a Lace (I might just be paranoid) makes me uncomfortable.

Anyways I will probably save this style again for a BIG day like my wedding day, but not day to day. I mean how do you go from having a normal hairline that people are used to, to one that is very close to your eyebrows (lol).

Here are some videos to help you understand what I am talking about.


a process similar:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And it gets worse....

At first when I posted those pics of Naomi's hair situation, I thought it was bad enough, but apparently her hairloss gets worse!! Looking at these pics makes me want to severly punish her hair stylist. Naomi, honey, you need to ask Tyra where to go and get them LACE WIGS, this ur situation is SERIOUS, and you are not helping by straining the little hair you have left by weaving it.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


This is dedicated to all of us that are sensitive to Hair Relaxers, looking for a little motivation on why you should ditch those little devils? well I hope the following video convinces you, and if you are not comfortable with going all natural, I have some sewn'in weave ideas that include all of your hair so you don't have to relax anymore. (coming soon..)



LOL, for those of you that have been reading, you know how hard this video thing has been for me!! lol am so excited, now I can post all the crazy video's I come across.

Anyways I am sick of TRASHY HAIR!! u know, the unbrushed stringy crappy extension crap that some people still carry (I won't lie I have been a victim of this).

If you are bored and tired of ur extensions, and you don't know what to do please simply brush and style like the above video.


Girlicious: trashy "pussycat dolls" wanna-bes

Traci Bingham: this girl must love trashy hair!

Nicole Richie: Thank gawd that trashy-hair-ness has been reformed.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I've always had a problem with this, check it out:

So a girlfriend and I were going to dinner with a couple of girls she met at work, as we arrived, to my surprise I was greeted with some stares. I initially ignored this because I thought it was normal as I am the new friend, however when I really sat down to observe the situation, I noticed that I was the only girl there with a weave, not just a weave weave, but A WEAVE!! u know 18 inches, with my banging curls!! Basically what I am sayin is that I had SUPERSTAR hair and these girls did not. My friend was rocking her real short, while the rest of the girls had natural hair, and the other a very low cut.

Now I taught to myself, Zar, your probably making this whole thing up. But just as I was about to shrug it off, one of the girls made a comment Blackness and Nappy-ness. Apparently the girl (mind u not an african!!!) felt like she was truly representative of black beauty by not succumbing to the pressures to look beauty according to white standards...blah blah blah

My reaction to her was this: "since when was black beauty all about Natural hair, and isn't it belittling to think that a race of people can be characterized under one feature"?

I am not against women with natural hair, I mean do YOU!! I have rocked all kinds of hair but I stay true to that which I think fits me well, and I will not change and do something that is not fitting all because someone sees it as UN-BLACK.

Who says that black woman can't naturally grow Hair down to their backs (em...ananda lewis). for goodness sakes I cannot maintain my natural hair to save myself (brushing the thing is impossible).

SO my message is this, whatever HAIR you're rocking, be happy with it and do you. If you u truly are happy being natural then that's fine, don't go breathing on other people's neck because they want to wear indian, chinese or horse (lol) hair. Is it going on ur head?

I am not a fan of Hair-Haters, and I appreciate it if you leave the comments to your self.

Phew, just thought I get that off my chest.

Black girl with her real hair, so it's possible people!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Would you buy this?

I am having a hard time figuring out how to upload videos!! someone help!!

Every year it seems like new innovative ways to do hair, keeps popping up! for a hair fanatic like me, I get excited because you never know what you might discover, but most of the times, things that look like great ideas, hardly ever are.

while I was going through youtube I saw a video of this equipment known as EZ braider, I don't know if you guys have heard of it, the concept is cool, but I don't know if this device really saves time. I mean by the time you are done put the hair into the equipment properly, you might have finished two or 3 braids.

If you were a hairstylist, would you buy this device??

If you were desperate for a quick weave would you attempt it this way?

If you could not find a stylist, would you let your gurl, do this weave on you?

Breezy summer Braids.

Yesterday it hit me that it was summer! thanks to the wicked heat that attached my weave in the back to my neck...eww! anyways as I was trying to tie my hair into a ponytail, I started remembering the things I love about summer....SUMMER BRAIDS!! you know the sassy cornrows, or slick "pick-n-drop". If I was to assign hairstyles based on seasons I will say summers are for braids or short do-s, fall for weaves, and spring for both.

The good thing about doing braids in the summer is that:

1. you can work-out and not worry about how the sweat will stink up your hair
2. you can go swimming
3. styling your hair to go for Barbecues and parties is a breeze! (hmm...should I have my hair up down, or half up and half down?)
4. Styling time is reduced
5. it gives your hair a break from the constant heat and chemical torture.

So are you sold yet? lol.

If you are looking for styling inspirations, I hope these following styles courtesy of, can help with your hair decisions.

~ Enjoy xoxo

* All photos courtesy of, and

Sunday, June 1, 2008

NollyWood HAIR Trend!!

Is it me or are our movies stars really setting some major trends, especially when it comes to hairstyles. The popular look of the moment is that of sexiness: long hair, high volume and both waves and loose curls. I love it!

Pictures courtesy of Niyitabiti blogspot, purefoto, ghanaentertainment and

Ghana's Nadia Buari and Jackie Appiah.

Nigeria's Genevieve Nnaji

Nigeria's Stephanie okereke

Nigeria's Omotola

Nadia Buari.

Nigeria's Eucharia Anunobi

Ghana's Yvonne nelson

Ghana's nadia buari

Nigeria's Stella Damascus-Aboderin

Beautiful Omotola
Creating Sexy Curls

or you can buy it already made with:

Want to create sexy waves:

For those of us with fabulous hair or weaves, you can avoiding the heat by pin curling.